IPad, IPhone, IPod a Photo Scanner, How To?

Use IPad, IPhone, IPod a Photo Scanner, How To?

Tech innovations never seem to be ending now; this seems there is no dearth that cell phone technology is taking our life all along! Can we even imagine an hour without our smart tablet PC or the cell phones?

The Apple iOS i-gadgets: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone are not only known for their advance technology but also for their great Apps in Apple iTunes Store. The iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch are witnessing great booming progress.

…there is a launch of a brand new photo application called as Shoebox that can scan the old paper photos, co-ordinate them and let us share them with our friends in faster way. Shoebox app could be useful with the Timeline feature of Facebook social online network!

Usei OS: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch as a Photo Scanner

Older memories are preserved in the form of photos and can be seen whenever we want. Yes…everybody loves viewing the olden day’s snaps as it makes one overwhelmed in the olden golden memories.

For those who want to share their olden snaps with their friends and relatives, here is a perfect application that can scan your old photos and then you can share them with your friends.

Shoebox, a new Smartphone application that will help you to scan your old paper photos into digital age!

This is the FREE application allows you to use your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch camera as a photo scanner.

Now you can bring your albums, scrapbooks out of the closet and share them where they can be remembered and celebrated.

The photographs that are scanned using this application are uploaded to 1000memories.com where they will be preserved forever for FREE.

Let us have a brief look over the features of Shoebox:

• The paper photographs are scanned and carved out beautifully.
• You can even record the stories behind the photographs by adding captions and dates.
• Also you can tag your relatives and friends in the photos and invite others to view them and can share too!
• Share these memorable photos on online social networks: Facebook, Twitter etc.
• You can upload an unlimited number of photos for free!
• It works on any device with a camera.

Share the olden golden memories with your friends and just have fun!!

Get ready to blend or morph your PAST into PRESENT!!

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