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Skype + YouTube = Nyoombl: A Social Video Platform for Conversations & Communication

Concept at a glance: Video conferencing (international) on the Televisions and more

They Describe Nyoombl as a hybrid between Skype and YouTube! How?

Nyoombl itself describes as a hybrid between Skype and YouTube. The users can have real time video interactive conversations with other users. The site has a strong, powerful social networking element in which the conversations are simultaneously broadcast live on the main site as well as there are backups to be replayed later on.

To use Nyoombl, the users can log on with their Facebook accounts and choose to interact with the other users or can also broadcast uniquely.

They say…Nyoombl is purely a broadcasting company and not a communication tool!

… Well, it seems the grandeur world of Science & Technology is going vibrant, vivacious on all the fronts by its wildest tech inventions that are far beyond the limitations and imaginations of mankind :)

Really, Science & Technology is NOT the name of any conception or any fantasy tales! They are true and also hold some logic behind, like a hot Sun, which wanders the blues, always and all around, we can watch as well as feel it!

Yes…Today, in this modern e-age all the big guns are fighting hard for getting into more social Avatars and to taste the pleasant video calling worldwide market!
Teleconferencing has become an absolute necessary tool in the today’s modern corporate culture of face to face communication!

As the name states, Video Conferencing is the blending of two way video and audio technology that allows two and more different locations to behave as two way video and audio transmissions at the same and real time.

Knowing the popularity of video conferencing, the brilliant cum intelligent brains (geniuses of high IQ) all over the world are struggling in pushing the barriers (are quite successful indeed :)) and trying to get the real and virtual world together.

There are many technologies in the today’s web scenario that serves us the facility of video conferencing like Skype, Google Talk and many more.

Seeing the craze, a brand new invention in the world of home teleconferencing has been recently presented known as Nyoombl (pronounced as “Nimble”)

It is the finest blend or hybrid (you can say :)) of Skype and YouTube!

About Skype and YouTube

Micrsoft’s Skype is still the hottest and most loved VOIP platform technology in the world that uses the peer to peer technology to provide FREE/Cheap VoIP phone calls, video calls, unlimited voice calls, IM, Texting, Facebook free video calling and more.

YouTube is Google’s video sharing website technology that displays a wide variety of user generated video content including movie clips, TV clips and music videos as well as short original videos.

Most of the contents uploaded on YouTube are by individuals and is one of the popular audio/video sites in the current web world.

What is Nyoombl?

This is a tiny device that promises to make video conferencing a better experience by using your home TV in the living room.

It is a social broadcasting platform founded by Oladayo Olagunju, aims to make conversations public.

It would be called as a blend, mix between Skype and You Tube that permits peoples to broadcast and then archive live conversations for the entire world to listen, watch and learn.

Check out the deal here!

As per the sources, the service is going to be completely new service that is a hybrid of Skype and YouTube. In other words, it will permit two peoples (only two) to take a video conversation and share it with the world, for everyone to view on the web.

The company main aim is to breakdown the walls that are around the majority of important conversations being had today on places like cable televisions.

They say… we hope to bring the entire notion of a studio setup worth millions of dollars and compress it into laptops!

How do the service works?

To use the wonderful service the users should have an account with an online e-mail service that also offers video chat such as Google Talk or Yahoo.

TV-to-TV video call teleconferencing

The callers and receivers don’t have to always have the Nyoombl device, except in case of TV-to-TV teleconferencing.

If you want to start a call from TV, you can use the TV’s remote, while the other person is on a laptop. When the call is connected, the TV screen splits into two halves, the previous show runs simultaneously in the background.

What is the appeal for a general user?

Nyoombl is FREE to users.

Very basic…Nyoombl is conversations in Public!

They say…we democratize conversations by allowing any two people to take their conversations public…be it is an interview, debate, dialogues or whatever, the world has eye on it! :)

This is not a communication tool, not made to replace telephone or Skype but its just live conversation for the entire world to listen in on, watch and learn.

FYI: Nyoombl will be inviting its users to try out the service shortly as the site is still private.

I personally believe that technology can be a force for good; one that builds and binds the community. As a Googler, my proudest moments are when we take that technology and put it in the hands of people who can use it to communicate, collaborate, build and explore :)

Enjoy the latest video conferencing service as it will be hitting the web market very soon!

Best hearty wishes,

Thanks Devashree B.


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