Instant & Real-Time Translation Mobile App: Good for International Travel

Instant and Real-Time Translation Mobile App for iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Now Trot Globally with NO language bar at all

Viewing the numerous smart tech innovations and discoveries in today’s web scenario, do you ever think that the web world/tech cosmos is crossing all the boundaries to build the human race more techs user-friendly? Absolutely…YES!

Well, there are many advanced, modern tech gadgets and digital applications that lead in the human furtherance by providing the user friendly access on their advanced software’s.

…communication is MORE instantaneous, real-time and vital nowadays!

As the tech world enhances, gradually different people from different hemisphere reduces the communication gap between each other. Yes…the communication has become a life-sustaining component in every living thing :)

As per the famous quote “Communication is not only the essence of human being, but also a vital property of life

Today’s world is more connected than ever before. Communication gap has really been reduced due to hike in advanced technologies and applications.

But still, I feel that language divides us even in the age of Internet…

In the current tech cosmos, in many instances there is a need to communicate with the people who don’t speak your language. Yes…it happens often!

So, here we present Vocre (Voc-Krey), a new translation application from myLanguage that allows anyone to communicate instantly with anybody from anywhere and that too, without language being a barrier!

About Vocre: A digital Translator or Translation Assistant on the Go, any time, any where!

Vocre is a fun and easy way to have conversation with someone who speaks in different language. It can be described as a very clever iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (Apple iOS) application ever hit the market before.

It is a unique application having the capability of translating the live conversations in instant mode or in real-time.

Vocre can be used by the people who find themselves in any country whose language is all Greek & Latin (unknown) to them. Well, this application will help them to translate the conversations lively in a very cool manner.

Vocre allows you to understand and be understood on almost everywhere on the globe, thus it’s your perfect travel fellow as well as it works quickly. Being able to communicate personally with anyone, in their native language and accent is just the beginning of Vocre.

As per the sources…soon there will be another big hit, an additional feature in Vocre that it will allow you to make a phone call or have a quick chat with anyone, anywhere. Our best, hearty wishes always :)

How this instant, real time language translation tool for cell phones and tablets works?

When you are speaking with anyone where there the language is a barrier, just select the language and gender of the person you are speaking with. Now, flip the device upside down and hold it like microphone. When you speak, your words are written on the screen. The rotate the phone towards the person you are talking. Yes…the translation will appear and be played out.

It’s just like magic!!

You can also review the text to edit if you want. It’s easy to record, review and translate.

In this tech market, no other app makes in-voice translation as simple as Vocre. It enables its users to communicate naturally. Users can even set the gender of the voice so as to raise the naturalness of the whole experience.

Imagine talking with a colleague in another country, each of you speaking in different language! Hey, don’t worry at all; Vocre will take care of rest!

Vocre gives people the ability to talk to anyone in any language in person, online or over the phone.

Our world is full of people worth talking to. Now, with Vocre, nothing’s holding you back.

Currently Vocre can be downloaded at FREE of cost from the iTunes App Store and it comes with 10 free translations.

Communicate with everyone, everywhere all over the globe, language should not be a divide in race, culture or creed now!

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