Innovative Inbound Business Free Calls on the Cloud

Free click to call solution, enabling your online visitors to call you for free while they visit (how to put 'call me free' button on your web property or blog?)

Killer Concept at a glimpse: Innovative inbound Business callings on the cloud.

Introducing the BounzD

The BounzD is the innovative solution in the field of telecommunication world. It is a new inbound calling platform for communication between the different companies (especially those with online marketing as a major strategy for customer acquisition) and their customers.

BounzD is a unique application that enables online as well as offline connectivity to customers through websites.

…BounzD is as much of an analytics intelligence engine as it is a communication tool.

…Well, the data and communication world has become not only the daily necessity but also the utility in our lives :) one could rarely survive perhaps without the Telephony and the Internet. Hmm…really true!

Communication makes us happy and alive! There is rarely anyone in this modern era of tech world who does not want to communicate FREELY regardless of smart gadgets, smart phones, tablets, VOIP and many such tech offerings!?

No doubt, communication plays a crucial role in everyone’s daily and routine life. It has absolutely become an essential, important need in the life of human beings in the current web scenario :)

There are numerous digital applications and innovative technologies that fill the communication gap between us :)

... online business world

In today’s scenario you can see that, the online business world is also spreading their roots with the worldwide acceptance of World Wide Web. There are numerous organizations or companies that are making use of this online medium. This online Internet medium provides you with the fantastic possibilities to expand, enhance your enterprise.

According to me, the expansion in business does not depend upon how you run your business; it determines how you will create values for your customers :) once you create this value, then you can decide the best ever ways to generate corresponding revenue.

Online Business Industry is such a dream like opportunity, gaining customers across the globe without even spending a dime is what attracts people to go ahead and start their own business. That is what makes the online industry so competitive.

What is BounzD?

BounzD is an interactive real time click to call solution, allowing the online visitors to call you for free when they visit your website.

In other words, BounzD is an interactive widget for web and mobile, which identifies your potential customers in no time!

What is the real heck out there?

Everyone in this globe enjoys freebies :) and of course every one of us searches for the new ways of making communications with each other whether for personal use or for business purposes.

Here is an introduction to a very innovative product in the field of online business communication called as BounzD.

The widget is developed by the Waybeo Technology Solutions Private Limited in Technopark, INDIA based company. This product can be attached to websites, blogs or social networking sites so that by clicking the button, the customers can talk with the business providers absolutely for FREE of cost.

Just within the two months after the release, BounzD, the innovative widget for business calling over the web for free has turned out the greatest hit in the online business market.

An innovative and an online business communicator

Is there a way to bridge the gap between online sales world and the real world?

As per the market research, there are many customers that are not eager to go for online financial transactions as well as online purchase transactions. Many are reluctant to call the business providers even if the toll free/contact number is provided.

It happens just because they feel insecure and thus go for personal support over the phone or in person.

So, is there any solution that eases the customer satisfaction? What if your customers can talk to the business providers directly from your website and that too for FREE from anywhere in this world?

Yes…get ready to get BounzD!

It helps an enterprise to enable human assistance for their online media such as websites, email campaigns and online advertisements. Using BounzD, the website visitors can directly connects with the business development teams of the respective company from the website itself by simply using an Internet connection.

Few facts about the product, BounzD

BounzD, an inbound business calling solution that enables enterprises to engage with their online customers when the customers are prone to respond.

It allows your customers call you for free from website by just installing this gadget into any website :) BounzD allows the peoples to make calls from their computers itself. There is no need to download any kind of software, thus they can make calls immediately.

The calls are forwarded to the company’s landline number or to their Google talk or Skype account. The calls can also be forwarded to their cell phone numbers.

An analytics intelligence engine!

The BounzD buttons can be placed on sites, blogs as well as on banners and ads. Whenever the customer visits the site that is powered by this technology, his behavior is being examined in order to know whether he is really interested in making any purchase.

If it appears like the person would effectively buy anything, then BounzD will start popping up and prompting him to start the conversation with the company’s sales/support team. In this way it’s an intelligent communication tool too!

With BounzD you get:
• Call history; call recording and voice mail calls.
• Detailed report of the calls.
• Page wise, vertical wise report of the calls.
• Geographical mapping.
• Domain binding.
• It is secured and private communication tool!

BounzD when installed will prompt your potential customers to call you letting you to get
following advantages:
• You will get great hike in your company sales.
• You will get higher conversion rates.
• Get higher order values.
• Higher transparency and personal support system would bring
• Customer loyalty and satisfaction.

As per the company sources, they say…with business increasingly moving online, this use case would have immense impact on businesses, if it is executed right!

Get ready to enhance your online business, get BounzD!


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Anonymous said...

I start using bounzd.Its pretty useful, i got a bunch of calls in a few hours...

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