Hybrid-UMA VoIP Calls (Android): Voice, Text & Data ALL for $19/Month

What is Hybrid / UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) VOIP Calls?

... They are all set to sweep the America with its most surprising price tags, introducing the wireless carrier known as Republic Wireless, hope to challenge the wireless industry on and after November 8th, 2011.

There are the plans to introduce VoIP calls/Data, WIFI, Voice Calls and Texting etc. all combined for USD 19/month. Unbelievable and too good to be true to an American?!

Attention America: You are going to be enveloped by a new & innovative wireless technology with its own parameters and standards.

Why we need cheap/free data & communication?

The data and communication world has become not only the necessity but also the utility in our lives; we could rarely survive perhaps without the telephony and the internet, think of the emergency E-911 services or what to do when it is an emergency to call a Doctor or if roads are blocked for any reasons like a heavy snow fall or a protest etc, than may be we have to rely on the phone consultation or a web video conferencing?! … They all need some data plan or 3G, WIFI, or calling minutes.

Numerous apps & new wireless data technologies are being evolved each passing day now, they ensures the human burden lesser than ever.

“Voice calling” is still much expensive, and international part of phone calling or roaming could eat your entire good chunk of money, that is why Internet telephony or the VOIP calling is gaining roots exponentially now.

Cell phone plays a vital role in communication. There are varieties of cell phones brands and types, available in the market that connects us with our loved ones or on the businesses.

Teens and students are always fond of using gizmos, modern e-gadgets, smart phones and tablets. Everyone loves to use smart phones but is worried of the hefty monthly bills.

Republic Wireless: What’s the real deal out there?

Republic Wireless is a MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) which is operating on the Sprint Nextel’s national telecom network!

Republic Wireless, the division Cary, N.C based VoIP and Bandwidth provider from Bandwidth.com , could be an awaited phone carrier for us and of millions?!

… Offers unlimited talk, text and data for a cheap monthly fee (@$19/per month) with no contracts required and no termination fees at all!! Huh!

The plan is totally boasted as truly “UNLIMITED” plan with no data caps, and perhaps no fine prints would be there like, ‘fair usage policy’ or such!

What really is Republic Wireless? Its Technology? Is it like UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access):

It’s a new kind of wireless network, a HYBRID calling (smart switching or intelligent calling) wireless service which is rather similar to UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access) services of T-Mobile.

In hybrid smart calling, the WIFI (VoIP), 3G and cellular networks automatically & seamlessly hops or switches in-between: Wi-Fi and cellular data network on Google’s Android, specially built smart cell devices/phones (hardware).

This networks hoping or switching happens automatically, when there is no Wi-Fi network available in the area.

The connection status is automatically displayed on the Android handsets.

They say…in this wireless network, calls can be handled using the VoIP technology and can be carried on a Wi-Fi or cellular network. Also the text messages are handled the same way and the messages can either be delivered over Wi-Fi or a cellular connection.

It is bit like Sweden based Rebtel Mobile VOIP's, KEEP TALKING feature which ensures no call drops while a conversation is on.

How is Republic Wireless going to offer service that is so much cheaper than the other carriers and MVNO’s?

As per the sources, they are going to use Wi-Fi network wherever it is possible. This will require special Android handsets. Republic wireless is a MVNO and has bought the wholesale minutes from Sprint Nextel!

Even with the cheap monthly prices, Republic Wireless will enforce no bandwidth limits and this should be truly unlimited for USD 19/month.

The service is quite attractive to those who travel internationally and wish to save charges on calling back to U.S.

Republic Wireless vows to give customers a low-cost, nationwide wireless connection.

Here are some of the basics that the service is offering to their customers:

• The service will use the concept of “Hybrid (smart) intelligent Calling” i.e. your phone will rely primarily on Wi-Fi whenever the network is available and it will fall on cellular network when you are not connected to Wi-Fi.
• There will be an automatic switch-in between Wi-Fi and cellular service.
• The service will require the users to get an Android smart phones/device or Android tablets.
• The users are able to send both calls and texts via Wi-Fi.
• The users won’t ever need to sign up for contracts so; there are no termination fees and any overages charges.

For those looking to save money and who aren't gadget-conscious, Republic Wireless may provide a feasible alternative.

Best wishes from our team :)

This post is produced by Devashree B. and is an effort of Krishna S. Iyer, exclusively for TF7!!


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