How to save on international Calls with mobile apps?

With the advances in modern technology, the world is becoming smaller and more accessible. As a result we have friends, family and business contacts spread throughout the globe which gives us an increased need to be in contact day and night.

If we rely on our mobile operators to call internationally we would have sky high bills, but luckily with modern Smart phones there are apps which bypass the extortionate mobile operator fees.

These apps are easily downloadable and when you need to make an international call, route the call through the app and you will find yourself making massive savings!

One such app, which I have personally tried, is Pingo EZDial which automatically detects when you are dialing an international destination and takes care of the rest by routing the call through its servers thereby avoiding the call being routed and charged by your mobile operator.

When I set this app up I contacted my mobile operator and asked them to block international calls on my line - just to be sure that they would not charge me for the calls. I was so happy it works - I regularly make business calls to England and other counties in Europe and pay just 1.5 US Cents a minute using this app!

I have not found a cheaper or more convenient way to make international calls from my mobile.

Other similar apps utilize VOIP technology and route your calls in a similar way to Skype. Be sure to have a Data Plan when using VOIP Apps so you don't have any unexpected data charges.

So if you make international calls from your Smartphone, be sure to look in to mobile apps and their cost advantages, so you are not lining the pockets of the mobile operators.

This is a Guest Post,

Kim Kashmere writes for an expat community blog ( that provides calling cards to Italy and Swiss calling cards ( . As well as writing she enjoys Travelling, Photography and Walking with her Husband and Dogs.

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