Get Location Alert: Cell Phone App (GPS): Get Arrived

GPS based app gives location based alerts on mobile phone!

Friends are the real charm, one of the substantial; important parts of our life, and why not? Who is here on this globe who don’t have friends or who don’t like to make friends? According to me no one! Isn't? But the real philosophical question is to differentiate between, who a ‘friend’ is?! Anyways …

Meeting and enjoying with friends is the world’s happiest, fun moment :) of course yes!

Life has become real crazy, hectic where everyone is busy in their tight work schedules and rarely has time to spend with their friends :(

Hey, we have a surprising app or you there!

…Meet up with your friends without planning!!! Let them know you have arrived there!!

An amazing new application is ready to conquer the floor right now with all its energy. Yes…GetArrived has arrived!

Get Arrived has been recently launched that automatically checks you into location based on your cell phone’s GPS data and says your friend that you are there.

How is Arrived works?

You just have to select any location as specific as an address or as large as a country, for which you want to create alert for your friends to know your presence.

You can add friends from your contact list of your phone to each location and they will receive a text message or a push notification (if they are using iPhone) every time when you are there.

Arrived is just a simple, private, personal notification service that will let your friends to know that you are there at this time. It helps you in bringing together when time and place are correct.

No check-ins required!

Arrived is automatic and personal. Instead of manually checking-in every time you arrive at some place to share your whereabouts with all your friends, Arrived automatically notifies the friends whenever you arrive at a place that matters to them.

You can use arrived to…

This GPS bases location alert app provides for a private and personal notification services, which alerts your friends and let them know if/when you’ve Arrived -- thus bringing you all together, when it is the time and place are right.

• Notify or be notified when your friends are free or when they arrive in your area.
• Let the people know when you are on the way or when you have arrived.
• Notify your hangout buddies when you have arrived at the mall.
• Notify when your workout partner comes at gym.
• Be notified when your kids come home from school.

In this hectic age, app: GetArrived makes life more fun and simpler.

Don’t miss the opportunity of a surprise meet up with the right people at right time, all without planning.

Just shot through the roof!! You will get socially addicted in the offline world via online world!

* Get this free (GPS based) location tracker app downloaded from Apple iTunes store for iOS devices: iPad and iPhone!

* Sign up for the web based location based GPS (global positioning system) alert app here

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