Get Google's Free Domain + Web Hosting, How?

Selling domains (Domaining) for profit, TLDs (top level domains) is one of the most paying and lucrative business now a days in this e-age! But when this is Internet search giant Google, they do not care only for the sheer money, but also for the values, affection and care for their worldwide users too : )

… Can you imagine a business without a phone? In this modern age of mobile, wireless, telephony and the technology one cannot run his/her business without a cell phone, internet or such e-weapons, effectively.

Website-s/Blog-s for your business are just important as having a cell phone, you need a web space and web presence in the very age of cloud computing. Really, there is a great importance of having a website to smoothly run your business with great profits too! :)

Just imagine how many customers are missing you and how many customers you are missing just because you have no online presence? Well, to overcome this problem for SMBs (small and medium businesses) the Big Boss: Google is providing you with a fine solution.

…INDIA, it’s time to get online now! Get ready!!

Google India, in partnership with ICICI Bank and HostGator (the web hosting company) has a program known as India Get Online, as online businesses helps various customers to find you in easier and faster way.

In India Get Online they furnish you an easy way to setup a website for your business for FREE.

What is the real heck out there?

India Get Online provides you with a FREE website with an .in Web Domain Name and free web hosting service for 1 year.

The .in domain name will registered to you while HostGator will handle the website hosting.

You are also provided with FREE email addresses, FREE telephone support plus the other tools and resources to help you succeed online and help customers find you in easy way.

Your website will be integrated with Google Apps so you also get an approach to other Google products such as Gmail, Google Docs and many more.

These types of FREE offers are always goldmine for spammers. To avoid such spammers, Google India has made it mandatory for businesses to enter their Permanent Account Number (PAN) or Tax Deduction Account number (TAN) at the time of registration, as these numbers are unique for every individual.

Key features of India Get Online:
• Free easy to build, professional website.
• Free .in Domain name and free web hosting service for one year.
• Free email addresses.
• Free 365 days support.

So, whether you are a retailer, running any school or any tours or travel operator, going online is the best thing for your business.

Get ready to get your business online, log on to and enhance your business in just three easy steps.

Hurry up and log on to the FREE service! Do not think TWICE!!!


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