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Music has a pace, a rhythm of life, which is the very lifeline of many like me : ) ... it thrills, it 'kills' ...

... Science and technology, no matter have reached at the highest peak point but also has its arms tightly closed around the human beings :(

Recreation is an essential part in one’s life no matter how busy he/she is. Every person seek, need and should spare some time with his family as well as should perceive his hobbies too!

A FREE social PERSONALIZED Web and Mobile Radio App for your recreation: The Myxer

There is hardly anybody who does not love listening music. Isn't?

Everybody loves to hear different types of musical tunes & genre, the music has really become the necessary part of life especially in Youngsters and also of ageing and aloof, lonely persons! Youngsters are gone crazy with music, gadgets and music on cell phones etc.

There are various applications in this Internet radio world that allows you to hear music (whatever the type).

Here is an introduction of a FREE social Internet radio app that aimed to allow you in listening different musical tunes with your family or friends while doing the real-time chatting.

About Myxer Social Radio application

Welcome to the world of free Myxer social radio, an application for Apple iPhone, iPad Tablet, iPod Touch, Android mobiles, Android Tablets and desktop radio/music service that explores the new way of listening music with your friends.

The Internet web world is crowded with various apps that permit you listening different tunes of your liking. Well, now Myxer has entered into this crowd with an aim of providing its users a musical experience.

...When you are here, you are never alone!

Offerings of this free musical application

The application offers you several interactive features that include listening 12 millions of songs with your near and dear ones and that too for FREE, OMG! It’s great!

It also includes the feature of “Song Stories” in which you can record 15-20 second video of yourself narrating the story of a specific song. When that song will be played, the video will be appearing on song’s info page. You can watch other users’ song stories too!

How does this application works?

You have to sign up your Facebook account to use this application. Once signed, you are able to listen and chat with the friends in real time. You can create your own listening rooms and can enter whenever you want and see what is playing.

People in the dedicated listening room can thumb-up or thumb-down to the songs being played.

Another interesting thing, if any song gets many negative feedback, Myxer immediately skips the track and plays another one.

Various application features

• It is completely FREE, no hidden charges or any monthly subscriptions.
• You can invite your friends and can enjoy the music together.
Also you can chat with your friends in real time.
• You can share some stories regarding the songs with your friends.
• With this application, you will get 12 million+ songs list to play.
• You can also make your own ringtones from the music and MP3 s on your computer too!

It’s FREE and it’s easy too! It's music catalog has more than 12 million songs ...

Download Myxer App for iOS: Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Here

Download Myxer Apps for Web and Android:

A cool music service not only on smart phones but for the desktop users too! Unwind yourself into the great, robust world of music with Myxer Social radio!

Enjoy some light moments, evolve your way to listen the music with yours and friends, get dreamy, experience the personalized listening rooms, enjoy the real-time friends updates & chat and yes also the Song Stories, no fees, no monthly subscriptions/contracts, it is free, it is real-time and share able, have fun!

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