Free, Live, Docs Based Web-Conferencing

Free, Real-Time & Live Document Share (Web Conferencing) on the Web

In today’s web scenario, the technology has advanced (and is still advancing) with leaps and bounds, still everyone seek for something more to get that could help our life to get better than ever!

No doubts that many bigwigs like Google, Facebook (FB), Skype etc have created history and totally inspired the world of Internet and Technology and of course of communication with the variety of its applications and technologies :)

Now-a-days web conferencing has become an essential tool for all the online business dealers to stay connected with each other even though they are located in any hemisphere over the globe.

Web conferencing is the way to get in touch of the peoples who are sitting miles away from you. Thus, realizing the craze of web conferencing, there is a launch of new service which offers a wide range of complete web conferencing service at the right place.

Introducing Live Minutes, a perfect document sharing/conferencing/collaboration tool which is worth a crack.

What is in the LiveMinutes: A Guide?

LiveMinutes is a free web service that allows you to organize live web meetings to share documents with team members, clients etc.

The special thing, that differ LiveMinutes from other web conferencing tools, is that after every meeting, an HTML5 reports are automatically generated with the meeting minutes. So that you can keep track of what was said in the meeting.

What is the real heck out here in this Free Web Conferencing with a Twist and why it is Different?

It is simply a FREE web conferencing service that sits between file sharing and web conferencing.

Using this technology, you can upload documents, and LiveMinutes will provide you a link to share with the other participants.

The users are able to get downloadable report after every meeting. The service also integrates with the Skype VOIP.

Let's go through the innovative features of LiveMinutes:

• You can share PowerPoint files, Excel worksheets, PDF files, word documents with this tool for FREE.
• You are able to invite people to join the session by sharing the session link.
• …can start the audio and video chat to communicate with the participants
• You can get automatic HTML5 report after every meeting that helps you to keep trace of meetings.
• There is no need to install any software and is completely FREE without any limitation of any kind.
• The tool is useful for the collegians to share documents live.

Experience the cool, easiest way of live online meetings with LiveMeeting!!

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