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How To make Free Group Messaging on Mobile Phone using an App for Chat, Share etc..

We the human race always was and is in the communication, even in its most primitive stages and stone age, perhaps there was no ‘language’ (even no concept of a thing we know as a ‘language’) to speak, nothing like a script to write yet they used the pictorial language as a script as a mean of communication and also the art of signs, touch and many types of sounds were used to make a conversation!

No doubt, the communication plays a vital role in every one’s daily and routine life. It has become an essential need in the life of human beings in today’s web scenario. Who is here who do not want to stay connected with their friends or loved ones?

Knowing this, there are numerous digital applications in this techie world that eases the way of communication between us :)

In this e-age you will find plenty of technologies/applications that serve us with the better, comfortable way of communication.

Here, I would like to introduce another interesting application known as RingReef, which allows you to create groups easily to chat and share photos with friends.

What is RingReef?

RingReef is a new group messaging social service which people can easily create and maintain the automatically created groups.

The created group is called “Reef” here. The connected people can chat as well as share photos.
Creating reefs is very simple!

RingReef is an easiest way to stay connected with all your friends. With just one tap you can create reefs with friends around you. Thus, you can share your memorable life events as well as photo albums with the created reef.

Importance of RingReef

• Yes…you not only get connected with your friends but you can also chat with them, share your photos with the created reefs.
• You can send messages in real time like a chat; also you and friends can upload and share photos on a reef album.
• RingReef can be used in online business communication too!
• If you are chatting with one reef and if another reef wants to chat with you then a notification is pushed immediately, therefore online discussions going on efficiently without any loss of time.

RingReef provides more chances of connecting with different people of different places. The group of list is automatically maintained by RingReef.

RingReef is supported by Apple iOS: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Android and your PC.

Get ready to download the application from Apple iTunes and Android Market.

Don’t ever miss the chance of good and strange life time encounters! Keep connected; keep smiling…That is RingReef!!

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