Facebook-to-Facebook: Free Skype Video Calls

Skype Powered Facebook VOIP Video Calls

Good news for the world’s most popular ‘digital book’: The Facebook, addicts’; it is a book which never a ‘book’ is, it is the FB or the FaceBook!

Now the Facebook-ers all over the world can make and receive unlimited free local, long distance or international audio or video chat / VOIP video calls from Facebook to Facebook using Skype, to their all contacts, friends or relations!

How to make a free FB to FB Skype local or overseas VOIP video call?

To start a Facebook to Facebook video chat on Skype, just link up your FB account with Skype's latest version (Windows, Mac etc.) > Select any FB friend > Click Video call button > as friend picks the call on Facebook, video call will be started. Share screen, screen share with live video stream, smile, dance or make a digital hug or a virtual kiss!


FB is the largest online social networking platform in term of its volume of ‘addicts’ and they make it also the most popular one, even the internet search KING The Google now ‘thrives’ of Facebook internet traffic ranking and the time people hook up or pass there is exceeding day by day and is much higher than they pass on any site?!

Facebook right now passes approx 800 million global members!

Microsoft’s Skype VOIP:

Download Skype iOS App: Skype VOIP App for iOS

Like Facebook, the Skype (acquired by Microsoft) is largest volume usability VOIP platform to make worldwide VOIP calls, free calls, video calls etc over web and tablet PCs or mobile devices!

Skype right now owes approx 170 million global customers, majority of which are free callers!

It seems there is a close competition to grab video calling in–between Skype, Google+, Fring, Tango etc, but clearly Skype is much ahead of all … thanks to its P2P technology and nice quality, ease of access etc. of its audio and video calls software for a layman!

... well, do not chat, make a video chat, get addicted to FB, Skype and your friends!


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