Do Your Phone Number Spell Something?

How to find, what your phone number depicts? if anything really?

Long since the wonder and magical invention of TelePHONE by Alexandra Graham Bell, the human race feels a sense of a security & joy that they are now connected others by the phones, Hats off to him :)

Communication sans borders … is always being vital!

Now there is a boom of Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Blackberry etc. in this tech world of communication and no doubt that communication plays a vital role in everyone’s personal, daily and routine lives. The way of communications is much easier than ever with the help of these mobile phone applications.

The mobile apps seem to become an essential part & parcel of our routine lives, and a cell phone is now become a smart and intelligent cell phone, this not only is for making voice calls, but also for Texting, Video calling, Chatting, Browsing the net, and thousands of such innovative applications …

Hey, it’s the time for more Oohs, Aahs and Ouch out there! Surprised?

Phone Numbers

The evolution of the phone numbers hows and whys may be an interesting research to get back to our past and an idea for the sake of fun, entertainment but importantly an another utility is known as PhoneSpell.

Check the real catch out there?

PhoneSpell or (also PhonePeople) is an exciting idea by Jeremy Grodberg, which converts the phone numbers to a ‘script’ to see what words they spell.

For some, 10-digit code is not just a phone number but it also carries a personal and practical significance.

Also there are some crazy people who are choosy about their phone numbers or premium phone numbers, as they find some spiritual and emotional value in them or a business name!

So, for these kinds of people PhoneSpell is going to be real excitement to see what their current phone number really spells? Also the PhoneSpell converts the words back into the numbers.

What does your phone number spells?

With the help of PhoneSpell, you will be able to find what does your existing phone number spells. You just have to enter your 7-10 digit phone numbers and see the magical words that your phone number spells.

PhoneSpell can be used to choose new phone numbers too, how?

Yes...In North America, the first 3-digits of 7-digit phone number specify an exchange. So, if you want to exchange your first three numbers just type the desired numbers into PhoneSpell and see what they spells. PhoneSpell will give you the list of all words that corresponds to the given number.

About Mnemonics: How to find a mnemonic for any or my existing phone number?

Knowing this, you can make your own mnemonics (initial 'm' is silent). Where there is something to remember, the mnemonics can be put to use.

You can also convert the words back into the numbers. Yes…PhoneSpell will translate the words back to digits for you.

Check out what your current cell phone number spells! Enjoy the great fun!


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