Capture 15 Second Video Status Updates & Share

How to Capture a Short 15 Second Video Status for Updates? And share instantly with your friends, family or the whole of the world through Twitter and Facebook

Introducing Tout (Brief): Tout is an online social media / short video REAL TIME sharing (15-second), just the Twitter-like video status updates. These video updates can be made via a web cam on a PC or directly over the Apple iOS: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or also using Android phones, digital tablets and devices. You can share or post directly to your Blog, Facebook, Twitter or Tout's site and app etc. Even you can Tout or capture a 15 second video clip from YouTube just by pasting the desired YouTube URL into the Tout!

... Want to share your memorable life’s moment with your loved ones? So here you are with a superb video communication application Tout, which allows you to share your life’s even trivia-lest of the moments.

Technology and the apps are going viral and viral and spreading out their wings to make the human life easier, entertaining and relishing. as of new evolution of numerous and mind blowing technologies really, the human life has become more flourishing or rather addictive! Isn't?

One such interesting application has been surfaced, known as Tout that permits its users to share life memorable, unforgettable moments with your Facebook friends, Twitter followers and with your contacts.

How to tout your moments?

The San Francisco COMMUNICATION company, TOUT, a leading innovators leverages original research developed at Stanford Research Institute.

…Tout is a social sharing experience that catches and delivers real life in real time!

What Tout Does?

With the help of this application you can capture a 15-second video on your smart phones, tablets or webcam and can instantly share with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers and also with your contacts too!

Tout has its total support to iPhone, iPad and Android phone and browser. It has total vital support of perfect sound quality, picture and action.

Share happenings in your life

…a fantastic video-status sharing application that lets you to share what is happening in your life. Don’t type it…never shot, just Tout it!

With one click your followers on Tout will be notified instantly and will see the world through your perspective no matter where they are.

With tout’s 1 click you can…

• Record the short video clips directly on your smart cell phone or tablets.
• Instantly push to friends, family, on Facebook and Twitter.
• Just find and follow your friends and watch their Touts as they occur.

Download Tout app for free from Apple iTunes and Android Market and start enjoying Touting!!

Tout the lives moments, captured instantly saved forever!!

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