Bobsled VOIP App: Free Calls (App by T-mobile)

In the present age of communication, gadgets, tablets, cell phones and VOIP who is here who do not want to communicate with their near and dear ones that too for FREE?

Everyone loves freebies too like me :) so; here is an introduction to a brand new VOIP application by T-mobile called Bobsled!

Bobsled by T-mobile allows its users to call Facebook friends for FREE, wherever they are on the go :)

What is the real catch out there?

T-mobile is a communication platform that allows it smart phone users to call their Facebook friends from their mobile devices.

A universal way to communicate with your loved ones however and whenever when connected to the web!

Free VOIP Calls to USA, Canada, Puerto Rico Phones and FaceBook friends:

It has an enhanced and expanded version of their Bobsled service that permits their users to make FREE calls to any mobile or land line numbers in US, Canada or Puerto Rico from anywhere in the world, simply by using their home PC.

The real beauty there is you don’t have to be within one of those countries to use it. You can make calls from the web without even downloading the application.

This is a pretty nice app to a slick service, users are already allowed to make VOIP calls to each other within Facebook, but it’s now breaking all the barriers out of the social networking platforms with the help of Bobsled.

Bobsled on the web

The technology Bobsled is available for most Internet browsers. Once you have signed into Bobsled, users can call, message or voice message with their Facebook buddies whenever they want.

Interesting thing is that the Bobsled eliminates the need for dialing. You just have to click on your friends name and here… you start chit chatting!

Bobsled is now available from the Apple App store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch as well as for Android smart phones and tablets. It allows its users to call or make a voice call with their Facebook friends from their mobile device for FREE.

…a great way to skirt the hefty long distance money!!

Check out some key features of Bobsled, an Internet Telephony and communication application:

• It allows you make call to your Facebook friends for FREE.
• …no need to download anything for your friends to receive any calls.
• You can post voice messages on your friend’s wall too!
• …is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android smart phones and tablets too!

They say: there is a high definition (HD) audio quality for Bobsled-to-Bobsled calls and the CD quality audio or voice on WiFi and cellular connections ...

With such new features Bobsled becomes the tough competitor to other FREE VOIP service providers like Skype and Google Voice.

Bobsled is a FREE download in the Android market for all the devices.

Bobsled combines the best of Internet and mobile communication and expands (beyond the limits) your ability to stay connected!

Download and start chatting with your Facebook buddies for FREE!

Download free calling IP app:


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