AT&T VOIP Overseas Call App for Smart Cell Phones

Do you know that AT&T has a VOIP International calling App for the Smartest Cell Phones & Tablets?

The frontiers of the Science and Technology galaxy are continuously re sizing, re shaping and enveloping whole of the globe to make the human life more and more prosperous?!

... but I also think that it is also making at the same time, this evolving human race much busy, unnecessarily and tense, we are in the grip of a slow poison or a kind of digital twister, and we even do not know this, where our peace and health are going?!

Today we see a great hike in the technologies and applications. There are numerous tech inventory applications that are evolving daily in this field.

Another beautiful flower is added in the bouquet of VOIP providers. The famous and big telco the AT&T has now its VOIP long distance calling app in the VOIP international calling market! It allows WIFI calling while the overseas roaming to save you from big telephone bills. It supports lots of wireless devices and phones.

Do you get hefty bills on your International Long Distance calls (ILD’s)? So, here presents the best option for your problem.

AT&T Call International!!

AT&T brings more choice to Mobile VOIP International calling

AT&T has provided a new, catchy way to stay connected with family and friends abroad. A VOIP cell phone app: AT&T Call International, the mobile VOIP application allowing International long distance calls in low and competitive rates.

What is the real deal out there?

AT&T Call International was developed in cooperation with and is operated by 8x8 Inc.

AT&T is offering a new application that will allow all iPhone, Android and some Blackberry users to make reasonably priced calls via VOIP. The call rates are quite a bit depending that on which country the user is making a call.

The application provides simple, easy, step-by-step instructions to establish an AT&T call International account. Once it is established the customers can immediately make international calls through the app either by dialing directly or accessing their current contact list. All calls are billed directly to customer’s credit card

With AT&T Call International application you can ...

• Call as much as you want with no monthly recurring charges or any kind of hidden fees.
• Get the monthly billing directly to your credit card each month.
• Dial family and friends numbers directly from your smart phone contact list.
• Manage online your account.
• Also you this application on Wi-Fi when you traveling internationally.

With this internet calling AT&T application you now can put the world virtually in your pockets!!

Start saving the money from now on wards!

Download the app for FREE from Apple App Store, Android Market or for RIM’s Blackberry smart cell from the AT&T website now!!


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