Add Live Content Stream (Real-Time) on Email: How To?

Stream Live Content on Your Email: Updates in Real Time, Automatically

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Does your business depends lots on the email marketing? If yes, here is a cool deal for you to add a stream of live content to your email clients / RSS feed email subscribers etc, they will wonder, and as they will hit the login button of their email, if you are a stock market broker, than now you can send real time stock prices to your clients anywhere, when they will login into their email ID they will get the content updated in the real time webcast with latest stock prices etc and so.


... well it seems that the daily evolution of these such high tech apps, gadgets etc. will not give me the most desired rest now, even for a day, what is a weekend?! : ) I have to cover, write and dig the world wide web / net daily for the newest and most useful innovations! Right said (I love this motivational lines):

...I have promises to keep...and miles to go before I sleep,

Tech world is crossing all its limitations and going beyond the wildest of the human imagination as we can see numerous new happenings in the modern e-tech age. The Internet world is endless like the Milky Way, with all its magical, addictive and mind boggling apps/technologies!

Use Real-Time Live streaming Email for the businesses and/or for fun

Email is also a web app or a latest high pitch tool now to broadcast you Business in real time with streaming content and not just only a medium of communication to send or exchange e-letters!

Today as we see much advancement in the business world too! Thus emails have become essential tool of communication in businesses.

Currently we send emails just with a simple content or message typed in, but what if your emails stream live content in it? Surprised?

Yes…an application has been there that can stream the live contents in your emails!

Check out the real aspect out here!

A real-time content specialization marketing company, Movable Ink currently had launched a unique service that could actively change the look & feel of outgoing/incoming emails after they have been sending out.

…your emails can now be morphed into the real-time live event or content! The Real-Time is a phenomenon, which simply denotes the things are happening instantly or at the click of the mouse, with no or a very minute time lag almost like a LIVE web cast etc.!

The company Movable Ink is going ahead a step with the launch of Movable Ink Streaming Server, a service that permits the businesses to stream the live content into emails while/as they are opened. All major brands or platforms of emails are welcome here viz. Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, iPhone etc.

The application bears the ability to turn the emails into containers for live content means each and every time you open an email, the application serves you live content based on current time, recipient’s locations, social context and your business rules.

The application works across all email clients like Gmail, Outlook, iPhone, Yahoo and many more. To use this service, there is no need to download any kind of special software or use a special email client.

I can not believe, that bringing/streaming live content to your email, how?

Yes…this charismatic wonder application allows you to change email content posts that are send out. Make a set up of application and paste the embed code into your emails and just watch!

When this email is being opened it will load live contents based on the current date-time, recipient’s location, social context or your business rules.

…pour a soul/life into your emails!!

…with this email live streaming content app you can and much more:

• Show day, time, hours and minutes using the countdown clock.
• Also show off the local maps with points of interest on where the recipients open your mail.
• Break your news on Twitter. Also you can Tweet on your email too!
• Crop the live content from any web page and add it wherever you want.
• Make use of creative optimization too!

Movable Ink offers better user experience via live content emails with extremely simple setup.

It blends nicely with the overall communication approach :)

Enhance your email communication approach with the help of Movable Ink live streaming Service enhance your business-es too!

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