Innovative Inbound Business Free Calls on the Cloud

Free click to call solution, enabling your online visitors to call you for free while they visit (how to put 'call me free' button on your web property or blog?)

Killer Concept at a glimpse: Innovative inbound Business callings on the cloud.

Introducing the BounzD

The BounzD is the innovative solution in the field of telecommunication world. It is a new inbound calling platform for communication between the different companies (especially those with online marketing as a major strategy for customer acquisition) and their customers.

BounzD is a unique application that enables online as well as offline connectivity to customers through websites.

…BounzD is as much of an analytics intelligence engine as it is a communication tool.

…Well, the data and communication world has become not only the daily necessity but also the utility in our lives :) one could rarely survive perhaps without the Telephony and the Internet. Hmm…really true!

Communication makes us happy and alive! There is rarely anyone in this modern era of tech world who does not want to communicate FREELY regardless of smart gadgets, smart phones, tablets, VOIP and many such tech offerings!?

No doubt, communication plays a crucial role in everyone’s daily and routine life. It has absolutely become an essential, important need in the life of human beings in the current web scenario :)

There are numerous digital applications and innovative technologies that fill the communication gap between us :)

... online business world

In today’s scenario you can see that, the online business world is also spreading their roots with the worldwide acceptance of World Wide Web. There are numerous organizations or companies that are making use of this online medium. This online Internet medium provides you with the fantastic possibilities to expand, enhance your enterprise.

According to me, the expansion in business does not depend upon how you run your business; it determines how you will create values for your customers :) once you create this value, then you can decide the best ever ways to generate corresponding revenue.

Online Business Industry is such a dream like opportunity, gaining customers across the globe without even spending a dime is what attracts people to go ahead and start their own business. That is what makes the online industry so competitive.

What is BounzD?

BounzD is an interactive real time click to call solution, allowing the online visitors to call you for free when they visit your website.

In other words, BounzD is an interactive widget for web and mobile, which identifies your potential customers in no time!

What is the real heck out there?

Everyone in this globe enjoys freebies :) and of course every one of us searches for the new ways of making communications with each other whether for personal use or for business purposes.

Here is an introduction to a very innovative product in the field of online business communication called as BounzD.

The widget is developed by the Waybeo Technology Solutions Private Limited in Technopark, INDIA based company. This product can be attached to websites, blogs or social networking sites so that by clicking the button, the customers can talk with the business providers absolutely for FREE of cost.

Just within the two months after the release, BounzD, the innovative widget for business calling over the web for free has turned out the greatest hit in the online business market.

An innovative and an online business communicator

Is there a way to bridge the gap between online sales world and the real world?

As per the market research, there are many customers that are not eager to go for online financial transactions as well as online purchase transactions. Many are reluctant to call the business providers even if the toll free/contact number is provided.

It happens just because they feel insecure and thus go for personal support over the phone or in person.

So, is there any solution that eases the customer satisfaction? What if your customers can talk to the business providers directly from your website and that too for FREE from anywhere in this world?

Yes…get ready to get BounzD!

It helps an enterprise to enable human assistance for their online media such as websites, email campaigns and online advertisements. Using BounzD, the website visitors can directly connects with the business development teams of the respective company from the website itself by simply using an Internet connection.

Few facts about the product, BounzD

BounzD, an inbound business calling solution that enables enterprises to engage with their online customers when the customers are prone to respond.

It allows your customers call you for free from website by just installing this gadget into any website :) BounzD allows the peoples to make calls from their computers itself. There is no need to download any kind of software, thus they can make calls immediately.

The calls are forwarded to the company’s landline number or to their Google talk or Skype account. The calls can also be forwarded to their cell phone numbers.

An analytics intelligence engine!

The BounzD buttons can be placed on sites, blogs as well as on banners and ads. Whenever the customer visits the site that is powered by this technology, his behavior is being examined in order to know whether he is really interested in making any purchase.

If it appears like the person would effectively buy anything, then BounzD will start popping up and prompting him to start the conversation with the company’s sales/support team. In this way it’s an intelligent communication tool too!

With BounzD you get:
• Call history; call recording and voice mail calls.
• Detailed report of the calls.
• Page wise, vertical wise report of the calls.
• Geographical mapping.
• Domain binding.
• It is secured and private communication tool!

BounzD when installed will prompt your potential customers to call you letting you to get
following advantages:
• You will get great hike in your company sales.
• You will get higher conversion rates.
• Get higher order values.
• Higher transparency and personal support system would bring
• Customer loyalty and satisfaction.

As per the company sources, they say…with business increasingly moving online, this use case would have immense impact on businesses, if it is executed right!

Get ready to enhance your online business, get BounzD!


Send Free Voice Email & Messages via Browser on Web

How can I send free instant voice text (SMS / Messages) to anybody in the world using Internet (web) Browser?

... Also you can post these free web voice sms / email (using Java / HTML codes) on your Blog, Social Networks, Website or even can email your voice ...

Communication is vital tool in the age of letter 'e' where everything has become an 'e' from an e-book to e-commerce; everybody seems to be on his toes

...Though SMS or texting is one of the favourite youth icon, globally, but it sometimes consumes some pennies if not dollars, yes there are tons of websites which offers FREE sms to anywhere, but do you feel, SMS has that crunch which your voice has?

Email your Voice!

Oh puzzled, well I think the human voice is always full of sentiments, warm and crispy than mere of written words, like your fiancee or fiancé, Mom or Dad, Bro or Sis, Son or loving daughter would be much happier to listen your voice again and again rather than to read your texting words, well, am I right? Or wrong? You decide...

Why Voice email or Voice SMS (messaging) over Word texting?

Its a personal choice though, voice calling is always not viable, like when you are in a hospital, meeting or in a wash room, but you still want to greet your girl friend with your voice, but she is not taking or rejecting your voice calls, she is busy, busy and just busy .... Rude!

E-Voice: A Voice Communication, something in-between SMS & Phone Call

No problem, you may record and leave a voice mail on her phone, but if she is online or when she will come online you may leave a free personal VOICE message on her email, so next time when your email is get checked, your e-voice too will be heard!

Enjoy the e-communication in your e-voice, fire the SMS, voice calls now, have lots of fun : )

SIRI-Conversation Without iPhone 4S, How To?

How to Tame The SIRI, an intelligent virtual full time P.A. without Apple iPhone-4S

Brief: How to generate an ifake SIRI conversation screen shot?

SIRI ... outstandingly the admired, smart cell phones’ software, by everyone has recently made the world go extravagant with it. And why not, SIRI…the virtual personal assistant (female voice personal assistant) is a boon for Apple iPhone 4S.

As you are already aware, your wishes are ACTUAL commands for VIRTUAL PERSONAL ASSISTANT, the SIRI!

SIRI will take care of everything, your wants, needs and all the necessities. SIRI conversations are quite interesting but do you ever desire to make your own SIRI conversations?

You can now create your own fake SIRI conversations using the ifakeSiri, a new web based application.

About ifakeSiri, what is and how is?

Well…the technology has reached a level of personalization that has enhanced every moment of our lives. We will be more comfortable, well-heeled because of the advancements in this new age of tech world. It seems our movement in future in this digital era will be near telepathic :)

I foresee that there are numerous technologies that are relevant to this particular vision of future and yes…they will acquire not only a great influence, potency but also be more structured with one other.

Actually, it’s a bit difficult to keep up to date with daily new emergence of online trends but we are lucky as there are always some quick developers helping us to keep up the current on goings, thanks to them :)

The iPhone-4S was an instant hit to the magnificent world of Internet and after a while SIRI, an outstanding feature of iPhone-4S was another biggest, killer hit to the tech world that has really made the world whirling around it.

…the web seems to be proceeding on to the next significant thing!!

SIRI does give the answers to your questions but not all questions. Some questions and conversations can’t be carried out by SIRI. So, if you are looking something to a fake conversation between you and SIRI, ifakeSiri is going to be a perfect solution for you.

An ifakeSiri is a new, web based service that permits you to create an image including your own conversations with SIRI itself.

You can find lots of websites dedicated in collecting the screen shots of exciting and occasionally odd, unusual conversations which most of the people have through SIRI from their iPhone4S.

Do you too wish to make your own screen shots of the fake conversations regardless of having an iPhone4S? So, catch up with ifakeSiri that aims to fulfill your wish.

How does ifakeSiri works?

The tool is simply designed for entertainment purpose. So, do not brick bat me for this :)!

Start the conversation by writing something in the plain text and ifakeSiri generator will immediately convert that text into SIRI conversations.

You can send the images of fake SIRI screen shots for a good laugh and fun. The conversation is up to your imagination. After all there are few questions that SIRI can’t answer, pick up those and can supply your own answers to them.

You are able to enter a series of words you are telling to SIRI and type by your own what she might responds back, but be sure to use “ME” and “SIRI” in the text box to create the message correctly.

Some fun SIRI moments with friends!

After you are done with, click on the “create SIRI conversation” button and here you are, with all the fake SIRI screen shots!

You can then copy and share the links and images with your friends and can amaze them, make real fun of them. But be careful! Don’t expect them to be fooled for a long time, if they have iPhone4S, they can easily test the voice command.

Brief about SIRI for newbies’

SIRI is a modest, virtual personal assistant (generally in female voice over), an Apple’s introductory, outstanding feature of iPhone4s. It is a voice controller of iPhone4S that allows you to use natural (your own) voice to perform various tasks.

SIRI works in English (including UK and Australia), German and French. Also works over both 3G and Wi-Fi and all built in applications.

Enjoy the very creative conversations and amaze, make fool of your friends just for FUN!!!

Personally, I would like to suggest that do not believe in anything and everything you experience, ‘painted’ on this giant Internet ‘canvas’ because screen shots can be easily created and easily faked. They are for pure, utter fun but sometimes they are designed to mislead, mischief you unknowingly or inadvertently and may lead to spoof or hack a day!


Want to know why SIRI is disappointed in the Land of India? Perhaps do not know how to speak Indian accent English or what? Read Here!

Stream Google Plus in a Flip-E-Book

Killer Idea: Convert and Browse your public Google plus (Google+) Social Communication Stream into a flipping digital or e-book in a user friendly interface.

A brilliant idea has strike on the masterminds of the makers of Google+ that why not create a flip book that can store your public Google+ stream? Is not that great?

We all know (few online tutorials) that we can create a PDF file of our tweets of a vibrant micro blogging service Twitter. So, why not a flip book of Google+ stream?

So here you are with latest beta version of BookMyPlus that intent to create a flip Google+ book that allows you to store your public Google+ stream.

How to bring forth Google+ book from your public stream?

Google+, a social network operated by Google Inc. launched on June 28th 2011 with consolidations across a number of Google products, including Buzz and profiles.

Well…these days search limits don’t have any limitations with the pages but of various peoples and about their relative information.

It has been said that the biggest feature of Google+ is that it is not FACEBOOK. But why to compare the two giants having something common but many things different with quiet different motives?!

However there is another great feature that may be of interest to all you intelligent, technical experts out there!

Now, you can create your own flip book of your own public Google+ stream. To do this all you need is to visit the page in the browser. Then copy your Google+ profile ID from the Google+ URL and then just click the Generate button to view all posts shared by you.

You just can view the pages as you view any ordinary book by flipping pages. It is an easy way to navigate through the pages and is of real fun. Each posts on page shows you the number of shares and likes it got on Google+

With BookMyPlus you can…

• Create your own Google+ digital book
• Save generate Google+ book as PDF file.
• Also can disable showing re-shares and hangout by your choice.

Google+ a worldwide Giant

Well, Google, the most acknowledged, renowned artificially intelligent and smart search engine worldwide has immersed their most anticipated, mostly awaited and highly featured social networking platform called as Google+.

Google is on the spotlight in recent days, not sitting idle after launching its Google+ social network to public and also realized that it is the right time to rival the social online giants the Facebook, the Skype etc?!

My personal view, the Internet world is exploring with all its abilities, speed that there is no space for superstitious notions and suppositions. Searches are being more extraneous, pin pointed and more all-inclusive all over the globe. Google needs to adjust itself accordingly. Hence, Google+ came into existence with all the powerful adaptable potentials and capabilities.

Google+ book is one such great try to stay in this new era of Internet world. Currently, this service does not support or display the images or videos in generated book. This would be an added feature in future :)

For now, enjoy & share flipping your Google+ book :)

By Devashree B., Our wishes to Google+ : Talkfree7 VOIP team :)

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Instant & Real-Time Translation Mobile App: Good for International Travel

Instant and Real-Time Translation Mobile App for iOS: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Now Trot Globally with NO language bar at all

Viewing the numerous smart tech innovations and discoveries in today’s web scenario, do you ever think that the web world/tech cosmos is crossing all the boundaries to build the human race more techs user-friendly? Absolutely…YES!

Well, there are many advanced, modern tech gadgets and digital applications that lead in the human furtherance by providing the user friendly access on their advanced software’s.

…communication is MORE instantaneous, real-time and vital nowadays!

As the tech world enhances, gradually different people from different hemisphere reduces the communication gap between each other. Yes…the communication has become a life-sustaining component in every living thing :)

As per the famous quote “Communication is not only the essence of human being, but also a vital property of life

Today’s world is more connected than ever before. Communication gap has really been reduced due to hike in advanced technologies and applications.

But still, I feel that language divides us even in the age of Internet…

In the current tech cosmos, in many instances there is a need to communicate with the people who don’t speak your language. Yes…it happens often!

So, here we present Vocre (Voc-Krey), a new translation application from myLanguage that allows anyone to communicate instantly with anybody from anywhere and that too, without language being a barrier!

About Vocre: A digital Translator or Translation Assistant on the Go, any time, any where!

Vocre is a fun and easy way to have conversation with someone who speaks in different language. It can be described as a very clever iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (Apple iOS) application ever hit the market before.

It is a unique application having the capability of translating the live conversations in instant mode or in real-time.

Vocre can be used by the people who find themselves in any country whose language is all Greek & Latin (unknown) to them. Well, this application will help them to translate the conversations lively in a very cool manner.

Vocre allows you to understand and be understood on almost everywhere on the globe, thus it’s your perfect travel fellow as well as it works quickly. Being able to communicate personally with anyone, in their native language and accent is just the beginning of Vocre.

As per the sources…soon there will be another big hit, an additional feature in Vocre that it will allow you to make a phone call or have a quick chat with anyone, anywhere. Our best, hearty wishes always :)

How this instant, real time language translation tool for cell phones and tablets works?

When you are speaking with anyone where there the language is a barrier, just select the language and gender of the person you are speaking with. Now, flip the device upside down and hold it like microphone. When you speak, your words are written on the screen. The rotate the phone towards the person you are talking. Yes…the translation will appear and be played out.

It’s just like magic!!

You can also review the text to edit if you want. It’s easy to record, review and translate.

In this tech market, no other app makes in-voice translation as simple as Vocre. It enables its users to communicate naturally. Users can even set the gender of the voice so as to raise the naturalness of the whole experience.

Imagine talking with a colleague in another country, each of you speaking in different language! Hey, don’t worry at all; Vocre will take care of rest!

Vocre gives people the ability to talk to anyone in any language in person, online or over the phone.

Our world is full of people worth talking to. Now, with Vocre, nothing’s holding you back.

Currently Vocre can be downloaded at FREE of cost from the iTunes App Store and it comes with 10 free translations.

Communicate with everyone, everywhere all over the globe, language should not be a divide in race, culture or creed now!

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How To Map Your Global Twitter Followers?

Proud & Enhance your online social media presence!

Genius Idea: You can now map or locate your Global Twitter followers, how?

We see a lot of addiction, dedication or a craze of social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Google Plus and LinkedIn. But ever do you feel the curiosity to know of your Twitter followers? Like where they are located?

Here is an interesting tool called as TweepsMaps that links your Twitter account and examines your followers and furnishes you with the map or chart about their location in your country, state or city or over the globe.

Well…the social networking sites have burst forth recently and are widely admired by the human races of all ages.

The Gen.-X is especially fully wired, tense with excitement because of these social media crankiness. The online social networking is not only a way to stay in touch with your loved ones but it has become a way of life…indeed!

The most important feature of online social networking is its ability to find, make new friends and to create and share a personal profile.

The social networking sites are at their peak point of popularity, this is our phase of social transition! It is an easy way or platform that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among different peoples.

In the current tech, social media the Facebook and Twitter are the most democratic & popular one.

Do you ever feel curious or eager to know that where are your Twitter followers located on this globe?

First appearance of TweepsMaps

TweepsMaps allows you to see a visual, interactive map of your Twitter followers by country, city or state or even on the globe.

… Evaluate the potency of your social media presence by examining your Twitter followers!

The tool was launched for Twitter users to know more about their campaign whether it is successful in the targeted region.

The founder of TweepsMaps says,” it is one of the most important aspects of a campaign to evaluate the location and to see where your followers are”.

How you able to know where do are your followers located?

After the authorizing of application program interface (API) of TweepsMaps, a color coded map is generated with Twitter birds disperse widely across it that shows the number of followers in that specific location.

The birds are displayed in two colors; red and yellow. Red bird signifies the largest number of followers while the yellow one stands for the second largest number of followers.

TweepsMaps is a fun tool to check out the distribution, location of your Twitter followers over the world.

With TweepsMaps you can:
• Locate your Twitter followers all over the globe.
• For larger organizations, it is easy for them to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.
• …Enhance your social media presence!

About Twitter, the second largest giant in Social networking field

Is it necessary for me to explain what Twitter is? :) But anyways for a newbie:

Twitter is an online social networking or a micro blogging service that allows you to send a short text web) message of maximum 140 characters in length known as “Tweets” to your friends and followers.

Twitter was created in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Biz Stone and Evan Williams and was launched in July. From there, Twitter has earned worldwide popularity, name and fame.

It is sometimes referred as “the SMS of the Internet” :)

A wide array & network of information, Twitter

Twitter is the best way to learn the most happenings in this world. It is the real time information network that connects you with the world to let you know about the latest information in each field.

There are small bursts of information called as tweets. Each tweet is about 140 characters, you can share a lot in this small space.

• Business, as it offers a chance for businesses to reach to the worldwide market.
• Individuals, business persons can use Twitter for SMS and can connect directly to anyone with a mobile phone.
• Twitter can be used on many mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, blackberry and Androids) and more for free.

The online social networking media is going wider with each passing day and is gaining the very popularity, name and fame.

I personally think, Twitter is strongly influencing the worldwide societies, the social reforms and revolutions like in Egypt recently and have the most positive global impact and is helping the world to get a superior, improved place in the surprising ways.

Thanks to the recent innovations in the technology which converted this into a more useful and communicable human tool to dilute the physical distances and he dependency on others! Sometimes, these ‘machines & robots’ are more trust able than humans, if not always : )

Locate your Twitter followers in virtual world; stay connected with the REAL world, enjoy the latest happenings everything on TWITTER :), just Tweet, Tweet and Tweet!

“The landing pages of the Real-Time social Web should be…Google, Twitter, Skype, & Facebook”!!

How to save on international Calls with mobile apps?

With the advances in modern technology, the world is becoming smaller and more accessible. As a result we have friends, family and business contacts spread throughout the globe which gives us an increased need to be in contact day and night.

If we rely on our mobile operators to call internationally we would have sky high bills, but luckily with modern Smart phones there are apps which bypass the extortionate mobile operator fees.

These apps are easily downloadable and when you need to make an international call, route the call through the app and you will find yourself making massive savings!

One such app, which I have personally tried, is Pingo EZDial which automatically detects when you are dialing an international destination and takes care of the rest by routing the call through its servers thereby avoiding the call being routed and charged by your mobile operator.

When I set this app up I contacted my mobile operator and asked them to block international calls on my line - just to be sure that they would not charge me for the calls. I was so happy it works - I regularly make business calls to England and other counties in Europe and pay just 1.5 US Cents a minute using this app!

I have not found a cheaper or more convenient way to make international calls from my mobile.

Other similar apps utilize VOIP technology and route your calls in a similar way to Skype. Be sure to have a Data Plan when using VOIP Apps so you don't have any unexpected data charges.

So if you make international calls from your Smartphone, be sure to look in to mobile apps and their cost advantages, so you are not lining the pockets of the mobile operators.

This is a Guest Post,

Kim Kashmere writes for an expat community blog ( that provides calling cards to Italy and Swiss calling cards ( . As well as writing she enjoys Travelling, Photography and Walking with her Husband and Dogs.

Voxer Walkie Talkie & Group Chat App: iOS & Android

Voxer App transforms your iPhone, Android mobile into a Walkie-Talkie push-to-talk and Group Chat enabled!

Concept at a glance: how to turn your phone into Walkie-Talkie? (this handheld two way radio transceiver is something like a SMS but has 'voice' instead of 'texts')?

An evocative application like Nextel known as Voxer is speedily climbing up the iTunes App Store and Android market, while hitting the Twitter stream is going viral, it furnishes a walkie-talkie push-to talk voice service.

The Science and Technology is rapidly expanding, globalizing universally and thus, the human needs and wants are achieved more easily through its various innovative applications.

Really, the tech world is outfitted with lots of modern, advanced technologies and applications that make human life more prosperous and comfortable.

Communication has been always and is becoming lively nowadays :) yes…it is a featured ability which has made possible the evolution of human society.

There are numerous means of communication available in the current tech market. Communication makes us happy and alive with full spirits! We can stay connected with our loved ones and friends who are miles away from us because of innovative tech applications, Hats off to them :)

An introduction to new walkie talkie app, Voxer

Making a call or texting over land lines or mobile phones seems a bit tedious in this modern tech era. Do you ever wish that if your phone could be turned into a walkie talkie?

Here you are…with an application that works on your smart phones known as Voxer.

Voxer is a walkie talkie application for the iPhone and Androids that can send audio, photo, text and location messages to your friend or group of friends. Your friends can even hear your messages while they are busy in talking with other users or they can check it out later too!

The application offers a walkie talkie push-to-talk service. You can say that it is just like text messages but with the voice instead of text messages.

Functioning of Voxer app

A small start up that is hitting the tech market of iPhone and Androids is simple and easy to use.

You just have to download the application from iTunes or Androids, log in with Facebook and directly start chatting with other individual friends or groups that you had joined or created.

Here you can talk; record and listen live incoming messages and can also send text messages simultaneously while chatting.

Prominent features of Voxer
• It is a FREE voice application.
• It behaves like live walkie talkie.
• You can have live group voice chats, photo sharing, text sharing.
• It works over Wi-Fi, 3G and any other data network services.
• It creates messages even when you are offline.
• Get you notified with new messages.
• You can easily get connected with your Facebook friends on Voxer.

Do not waste any more time in making phone calls or voice mails, download Voxer from iTunes App Store or from Android market.

The tech market is really exploding and thus, changing the life style of human beings! Be the very part of it and update yourself to its vibrations :)

Free VOIP Calling App for UAE / Gulf: Freephoo

Freephoo is Sweden based VOIP (app) provider, which promises to give away free local or international calls over mobile phone: Freephoo to Freephoo like many other VOIP apps available in the crowded but competitive and still very lucrative VOIP world! And low cost or cheap phone calls to Freephoo to Non-Freephoo …

Freephoo VOIP calls iOS app was launched in Kuwait recently, and they say, they have a huge response there, now this VOIP app has unfolded its wings in UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Brunei, Lebanon, Yemen, Qatar, and Algeria, many of which have the VOIP blocked at national level, like UAE / Dubai! Than how, this VOIP calling app will work from there? I wonder …

Skype, Viber, Tango, Apple’s Facetime, Rebtel and many more IP calling apps or services are blocked from Gulf-UAE etc, than how Freephoo claims to work in UAE is indeed an interesting question for this Telephoon VOIP blog! Our readers there will let us know, perhaps!

UPDATE: I inquired Freephoo on their Twitter, that whether an international VOIP call is possible from UAE, where there the VOIPs are blocked they just confirmed positively as:

freephoo Yes, international calling is possible with freephoo from UAE...

I am seeking more details now for our VOIP blocked nations' residents : ) will post here, as they hit my inbox!

FYI: Till now Freephoo VOIP caller application is available in these countries:

Algeria, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Brunei, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Luxembourg, FYR Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

Useful Links:

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Stream a Real-Time & Live Cell Phone Broadcasting on the Go

Brief: How to make a Social Mobile Broadcast over the cell phones on the go?

Introducing the blogTV mobile App that allows you to broadcast and record your life or can watch your favorite blogTV shows anywhere on the go / on the move.

Stream LIVE Broadcast or Mobi-cast: Anytime, Anywhere!!!

The tech world seems is being orientating towards an unexpected, a new world of experiences and possibilities that are far beyond the mental image of the common man.

Indeed… the e-world is becoming more and more harebrained and powerful with all its modern, innovative technologies and applications that has a tight hold over the world.

The introductory, innovatory gadgets and apps are fully fledged in the whole new tech world that can bring life to any guy of the real world, either is sick or even he is healthy :) they are simply awesome.

Well…the youngsters, teens all are very well used to the modern technology, gadgets and they are very much adoring to the newest technologies those are evolving daily.

Everyone love to chat, interact with friends and loved ones who are staying miles apart but did you ever think of the application that can broadcasts live streams over the Internet from your smart phones?

Introduction to BlogTV

Hey, now it is possible to stream your own live shows on your cell phones using the blogTV application.

BlogTV is the world’s top most live, interactive Internet broadcasting platform that allows anyone with an internet connection and a webcam to get connected to their audience in the real-time.

The old fashioned world of pre-recorded videos and static, non interactive videos are replaced by blogTV, which opens a new world of possibilities and experiences to the broadcasters and viewers.

What you can do with this application

You can now create your own live video and share it with your loved ones and friends. You can watch and participate in any live blogTV show no matter where you are!
• Also you can watch hundreds and thousands of live streams anytime, anywhere on the go.
• …you can chat with your friends in real time.
• Comment on your friends’ status and manage your own wall.
• …can view inbox messages.
• It is compatible with Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Access on Android, iOS phones

BlogTV cell phone streaming live broadcasting app allows you to create your own LIVE shows from your Android and iOS phones too!

You can easily chat, broadcast and record your favorite shows, videos through your cell phones.

…an application known as blogTV that has made an easier way of chatting and broadcasting live streams over internet from your smart phones.

At a Glance: Utilizing this application you can…

• Create, Record your live shows, from a cell phones: iOS or Android
• Chat with the live people around the world.
• Hide or show your live chat.
• Share/embed your live video shows on Face book and Twitter.

The world is getting closer and closer to each other in every fields and sentiments with each passing day. The different innovative technologies and applications in this tech world have something or the other for every one that pleases and serves better.
…blogTV has gone mobile and is making your cell phone, a worldwide social broadcasting web camera!!

Broadcast and record your life or just watch the TV shows, videos, chat with your favorite blogTV broadcaster…on the go!!

You can now download blogTV from iTunes App Store.

Also you can download app, FREE for iPhone and Android from the official site of blogTV.

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Pin-Point-Locate-Track A Flight Over Head: Wolfram Alpha

Concept at a glance: Wolfram Alpha lets you ‘spy or sense’ the flights overhead.

Wolfram Alpha, a computational smart and intelligent search engine, an online search service is now investigating the creative minds in United States to discover what flights happen to be overhead at any moment.

Many a times we become curious to know about a jet, flying high overhead that where it would be heading towards or what is its departure place? Previously, the answer to this question would be actually impossible, but now…if you are in United States of America, Wolfram Alpha is there to help you out.

They say…you can utilize the feature of Wolfram Alpha to know everything about the aircraft overhead like its altitude (not in real-time but 5 minutes or so delayed) and where it is heading towards and lot more things.

Well…it appears as though tech world sans the boundaries and barriers, is been continuously advancing in all fronts revitalizing the life of human beings :)

... Do not you think, this is a mad world, and we are reeling in a rats' race, and do not know why and where we are heading towards, but chasing, chasing and still chasing all the times...and we are in a notion that this is the very advancement, we have lost peace of mind and health is the cost...!!!

Really, the modern tech world is equipped with innovative, advance technologies and application that has lessen the human burden and has make life more comfortable and easy going!

Indeed, due to daily new emergence in digital cultural, social media and various technologies, the human world has become more flexible and moderately rich.

Another new, innovative technology has added its color in this magnificent world of science and technology bouquet, known as Wolfram Alpha.

Check out the real deal out here!

Ever seen any plane soaring high in the blues and wish to know about its place of departure or destination? Curious, than this is the perfect tool for you!

You can now get the 'APPROX. real time' flight information of what is currently gliding overhead?!*#@...

Wolfram Alpha is sophisticated, computational knowledge search engine that allows determining whether there is any airplane overhead. To show this, it uses your IP address to find your current location.

Working of the application: Track Flights in your Geo-IP location

Wolfram Alpha is using the data from Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that makes a lot easier to know the complete information about all those planes flying just above your head at any given time.

When searching the flight details in search query “flight overhead”, Wolfram Alpha will provide you with the information regarding the flight currently flying over your head.

The “flight overhead” query will give you the list of all the flights that could be technically seen from your current IP location. It also allows you to know things like plane’s altitude, flight angle, model and a sky map too!

For further detail information, you can click on any of the flights in the list and can easily access the information about that particular flights departure time, destination time and location, flight capacity, flight altitude and even the history of that flight. Also the flight arrival time, delays and weather conditions can also be computed on time performance of specific airlines.

If you happen to be in any of the flight listed, and your aircraft has on-board Internet service, then you would also able to see where your plane is and which the cities are and airports are nearby.

FYI: The flight information is five minute old as Wolfram Alpha is using the data from FAA which has built-in five minute delay into its feeds. Also the flights that have at least one end point (takeoff or landing) in U.S will be displayed.

Salient Features of Wolfram Alpha

• It helps to find the correct flight information including the departure, arrival time, delays and missed flights too!
• Helps in comparing airline data including average number of people per flight, number of flights per day.
• You can also view local and country maps and can calculate the distance between locations as per your need.
• …You can do quick check of upcoming departure if you have missed out a flight.
• …can also check the flight number or airline when you want to pick someone but misplaced.

More interesting characteristics of Wolfram Alpha

Other than just knowing about the information of the airplanes flying in your locality, you can also find out exactly what were you looking at ground when you were in the plane?

Have you ever taken any photograph through the window of a plane and then wondered later what you were looking at? Seems interesting :)!

Well…when you land down on the ground, just check the time stamp of the snap and put it along with your flight number and here you are!!! Wolfram Alpha will tell you or pin point exactly where you were at that instant moment.

It is also a perfect travel assistant for iOS devices and works more precisely on the mobile devices and can spit out the airline, flight number, jet type, altitude, and angle and slant distances for each airplane visible near your geo-IP location.

...seems, the time has come, the online search engines now have evolved creatively and become smart, they are studded with all elements of the intelligent human brain or an artificial intelligence!? Vide Google, SIRI, now Wolfram Alpha!

FYI: the flight information will be displayed to you, assuming clear sky and unobstructed view.

About Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha is an online search service in United States has launched before two years and is now allowing the user in United States to find out the complete flight information of a flight happens to be overhead.

The Wolfram Travel assistant is supported by the Wolfram Alpha computational knowledge engine and is produced by Wolfram Research, the world’s leading software system for mathematical research and education.

The application is especially handy for math and science queries. The 'killer' start up launch wasn’t very effective but the technology is once again in the glare as there is a great boom of SIRI, the iPhone-4S virtual assistant in the tech market and it also trusts on Wolfram Alpha for some of her questions.

…with the special features designed for each platform, Wolfram Alpha enables its users to know the real time flight information wherever and whenever you need it.

…I believe, it is always a fun to look up in the sky and watch the airplanes heading towards an anonymous destinations, it’s a day dreamy type of activity :)

The flight information may not qualify the rocket science, but there is something magical about being able to spy the flights that are flying high in the skies above you.

Enjoy watching flights soaring high in the sky and collect the magical information about it!!

You can download the $4.99 application from Apple apps store for iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

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Devashree B. Thank you for writing this post for Telephoon Blog.

Free Social Radio App: Myxer

Music has a pace, a rhythm of life, which is the very lifeline of many like me : ) ... it thrills, it 'kills' ...

... Science and technology, no matter have reached at the highest peak point but also has its arms tightly closed around the human beings :(

Recreation is an essential part in one’s life no matter how busy he/she is. Every person seek, need and should spare some time with his family as well as should perceive his hobbies too!

A FREE social PERSONALIZED Web and Mobile Radio App for your recreation: The Myxer

There is hardly anybody who does not love listening music. Isn't?

Everybody loves to hear different types of musical tunes & genre, the music has really become the necessary part of life especially in Youngsters and also of ageing and aloof, lonely persons! Youngsters are gone crazy with music, gadgets and music on cell phones etc.

There are various applications in this Internet radio world that allows you to hear music (whatever the type).

Here is an introduction of a FREE social Internet radio app that aimed to allow you in listening different musical tunes with your family or friends while doing the real-time chatting.

About Myxer Social Radio application

Welcome to the world of free Myxer social radio, an application for Apple iPhone, iPad Tablet, iPod Touch, Android mobiles, Android Tablets and desktop radio/music service that explores the new way of listening music with your friends.

The Internet web world is crowded with various apps that permit you listening different tunes of your liking. Well, now Myxer has entered into this crowd with an aim of providing its users a musical experience.

...When you are here, you are never alone!

Offerings of this free musical application

The application offers you several interactive features that include listening 12 millions of songs with your near and dear ones and that too for FREE, OMG! It’s great!

It also includes the feature of “Song Stories” in which you can record 15-20 second video of yourself narrating the story of a specific song. When that song will be played, the video will be appearing on song’s info page. You can watch other users’ song stories too!

How does this application works?

You have to sign up your Facebook account to use this application. Once signed, you are able to listen and chat with the friends in real time. You can create your own listening rooms and can enter whenever you want and see what is playing.

People in the dedicated listening room can thumb-up or thumb-down to the songs being played.

Another interesting thing, if any song gets many negative feedback, Myxer immediately skips the track and plays another one.

Various application features

• It is completely FREE, no hidden charges or any monthly subscriptions.
• You can invite your friends and can enjoy the music together.
Also you can chat with your friends in real time.
• You can share some stories regarding the songs with your friends.
• With this application, you will get 12 million+ songs list to play.
• You can also make your own ringtones from the music and MP3 s on your computer too!

It’s FREE and it’s easy too! It's music catalog has more than 12 million songs ...

Download Myxer App for iOS: Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Here

Download Myxer Apps for Web and Android:

A cool music service not only on smart phones but for the desktop users too! Unwind yourself into the great, robust world of music with Myxer Social radio!

Enjoy some light moments, evolve your way to listen the music with yours and friends, get dreamy, experience the personalized listening rooms, enjoy the real-time friends updates & chat and yes also the Song Stories, no fees, no monthly subscriptions/contracts, it is free, it is real-time and share able, have fun!

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