YouTube Space Lab Teens Contest: What, How and Why

YouTube Giveaway (contest / sweep stake) for Students and Teens around the Globe, Hurry!

The various competitions held all over the world in many genres. These contests help us to sharpen our natural instincts, mental ability, agility, skills and as well as raise their confidence level too!

YouTube (Google’s streaming and online video channel) is organizing one such space contest with Lenevo, NASA and Space Adventures, which is now been started for the teens and students by YouTube Space lab.

Do you have a special interest in space / aeronautical science? If yes, then take part in this contests which will raise your knowledge of space science and give you a real amazing experience of space world beyond your imagination. Wow, interesting!

Let us see what is YouTube Space Lab Teens Contest?

Well, as the name suggests, it’s all about space…space and space! Yes everything about the space which is exciting and amazing than ever.

YouTube Space lab is launching this contest with Lenovo and space Adventures in cooperation with NASA, ESA and JAXA.

Space Calls You! Get Ready for the next Big Things, May be one day you could land on the Mars or Venus, if could not make the Moon landing ...

YouTube space channel is a location where you can find amazing videos related with space life. So, if you are 14-18 years old, come up with your fascinating ideas, experiments of space science and have the chance to win the amazing prizes.

Your experiment - videos could be streamed live on YouTube from international Space Station, 250 miles above the planet Earth. Oh, that’s great! You can become an instant international hero or celebrity, courtesy Google YouTube!


If you want to take part in this contest, just log on to the YouTube Space Lab and read the competition rules. Yes…bring out your wild ideas and dreams at the YouTube Space Lab and win amazing prizes.

You must be in between age of 14-18 to make an entry in this competition. Submit your videos of amazing space related experiments. They can be of physical or biological experiments in any language. Yes…you can send more than one experiments of different ideas too! Cool!

Why should one participate in this amazing contest?

YouTube Space Lab is organizing a unique, amazing contest which gives you an opportunity to prove your talent regarding the space science. Yes…this opportunity won’t come again and again in your life. You just have to present a great idea which should have a bit fun as well as the stuff that would increase your space knowledge.

The winners will be selected by the panel of specialists. The regional winners will get an opportunity of free trip to Washington DC, The USA at a special event to be held in March 2012. Amazing!

So young and future ‘Astronauts & Cosmonauts’ get packed in your space suits! Enter this cosmos; touch the new horizons, meet the stars and become a star too, with your wildest of the creative and innovative space tech imagination!! Whole of the galactic Galaxy is waiting for you to embrace with…

So start thinking ... think what even NASA can never, if and how plants can survive beyond the Earth or her gravity? What will you do first after landing into the deep space? how do you think, the space is??? etc etc. and more ... the sky should be your limit.

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