UK-O2-Free VOIP WIFI Phone Calls on iOS / Android

Telefonica's O2 Connect: Free Internet Calling like Micro Soft's Skype VOIP, to any landline or mobile number in UK

It seems, advancements and evolution in the world of telecommunication is at its highest peak?

There are numerous technologies/applications/wireless apps evolving which serves its users with the easiest way to communicate with their near and dear ones and 'FREE' is of course the much needed key factor always and now!

The intelligent & colorful vivid brains of developers all over the world are trying to make the communication easy with your loved ones and as easier as ever!

O2 WIFI Mobile VOIP App

To explore the potential of delivering the VoIP services to customers, there is a TRIAL launch of a brand new service called as “O2 Connect” by O2-Telefonica UK, a mobile communication telecom provider in the UK.

The test run (now) service allows its users to make FREE phone calls to any landline or mobile number in UK a bit like Skype the VOIP!

Let us see what really is this service?

Well, the service O2 Connect is the British telecom operator FREE voice and texting service. The service works on Wi-Fi network and offers FREE calls and text like Skype.

This trial launched service is initially available to Apple iOS mobile, tablets and Google’s Android Smart phones and later (may be) it will roll down on the other devices too!

The birth of a branded VoIP application that permits iOS and iPhone users to make and receive calls and over Wi-Fi network from their normal cell phones to any UK mobile or landline number.

There is no need of any additional log-ins for the subscribers of O2 Connect and also it would not require any kind of sign up for the receiver of a call. These seem to be the key advantages over the existing VoIP services like Skype!

The technologies are getting 'insane', day by day, that are helping their customers for better, easier and comfortable way to communicate with their loved ones!

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