SIMRAN: Real Time Train Tracking on Mobile & Web

What is SIMRAN?

Simran could be a cool, preferred Indian name for any girl! But ..."what is in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet"

Anywys … SIMRAN is still a cool but a serious technical project for the Indian Railways, here SIMRAN stands for: SATELLITE IMAGING FOR RAIL NAVIGATION (GPS based).

SIMRAN is India’s national project to track Indian trains, running on their tracks, in the real time, it is rather a digital map of the Indian railways system; one of the largest in the world, in terms of total length of running trains and also its number of employees!

SIMRAN GPS online tracking is developed jointly by the scientists of IIT, Kanpur and RDSO-Indian Railways, Lucknow, India!

SIMRAN is a Real Time Train Information System (RTIS) Project:

The real time train position tracking system SIMRAN uses India wide GPS co-ordinates to gauge the whereabouts of any trains running on its tracks, in the real time…till now the project is being experimented on many popular trains running between popular destinations. The many of the trains like Rajdhanis, Shatabdis and MEMUs can be tracked now using this Indian real time train location software!

SIMRAN’s GPS Navigation’s main features:
- The trains can be tracked just by a SMS query originated from any mobile phone,
- Also you can make an enhanced Web based Real time train query on
- You can view a LCD Screens located on the railway platforms to know about the real time train information.,
- It has a Wireless LCD coach display system too,
- Know the real time location, route, speed, delays, coach position, and train movement etc. on a live, real time screen display like on a laptop / PC screen of all the Indian Rail movement.

The GPS based SIMRAN project could be a boon to one of the most uncomfortable & crowded Indian Railways, especially in the ‘cruel’ fogy winters’ in the North India when the trains’ movement comes to an halt and is severely paralyzed there!

Indians are getting ahead in mobile phone penetration and enjoying most competitive and cheap calling SMS rates, so they also can know their specific train information using any mobile SMS just by sending the train’s number to this cell phone number 09415139139 in a format: T Example: T 15609

Congrats India, you are going high tech and joining the most advanced nations’ club who has this hi-tech railways advance tracking real time system with them.

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