Social Voice Messaging: Share Sound Clips Like Photo Sharing

... Its like 'Tweeting' Your short Sound Clips!

Messaging; one can’t stop doing messages to their near and dear ones …it has become a fantastic and one of the easiest ‘lazy’ way of communication.

How do you react after listening that you can now share social voice messages with your friends and relatives?

Yiip, a social voice messaging application has recently launched that eases the communication much better.

It actually expands and enhances the way of social messaging service by providing an excellent alternative to texting.

Seeing the zest in the field of messaging, the birth of wonderful application, that can adorn messages with the emotions, voice and sounds to make social voice messaging as a centre part of the sharing medium.

The application Yiip is just like a Twitter to your voice clips. In the current world of voice communication there are varieties of application that has implemented excellent designs into their products.

…but Yiip is a unique application that can really challenge the others, yet expressive and creative too!

Let’s review the excellent features of this social voice application:
• The users can send voice, audio clips to Facebook and Twitter.
• You can have private voice messaging with your friends groups.
• You can create your own Yiip community of friend, celebrities and many others and can also make your own Yiip followers.
• You can insert photos, sound clips and various sound effects into your Yiips!
• Yiip also converts keywords from your voice message to texts. So, you can find what you are looking for and track the topic of the message.
• You are able to hear your social update everywhere you are on the go.

Give the creative and an artistic touch to your messages before sharing them with the help of Yiip. Escalate your fantasy!

Yiip is easy, fun and is rich in voice and sound too! Get ready to download the essential utility, social networking communication application for free from Apple iTunes App store!

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