VOIP Video Calls (Android) Opens in UAE (Not for Free)

UAE / Dubai / Gulf: Forget Skype VOIP: Use Etisalat Video Calling VOIP App

Happy news for the UAE / Gulf / Dubai VOIP enthusiasts, the news is good as VOIP is blocked in Middle East and Gulf nations for a long, Skype, Facetime (Apple) Video calls etc are not permitted there and leading telcos the DU / Etisalat holds the key to telecom revenue!

Well, revealed at GITEX, the native and very own or 'desi' VOIP app from Etisalat has emerged in the Gulf nation / UAE using which the Dubai residents now can make legally the VOIP video calls over the net but still not for free like Skype to Skype, but for a fee! Anyways at least VOIP opens in the Gulf now and later it could be free video calling like Skype or Apple' FaceTime app?!

The ePlus VOIP mobile app (or rather a e commerce portal, an interactive convergence & social media, online games, rich content platform) will be one of the first legal use of voice over internet protocol (VOIP) services in the UAE / Guld region, and than there will be no need to use any VPN or grey route phone calls!

The ePlus VOIP app and Portal will make use of NFC platform, and is WIFI, 3G, 4G LTE enabled which will support the (currently) Google Android 2.2 OS (Android based mobile, tablets and devices), may be more OS will come soon like Apple's iOS

Why use E-Plus VOIP app from Etisalat in UAE for a seamless streaming audio / video calling?

Viber is a popular VOIP app over Android and iOS to make free calls, it was intially available to UAE residents but later it was too got blocked there, so who love or need VOIP cheap calls, they will now certainly flock to this ePlus VOIP app from Etisalat!

What Etisalat says of their Mobile VOIP App :

"This is truly an all-in-one application - the only app you’ll ever need to interact with family, friends, colleagues and business partners across a range of PC, Tablet and mobile devices. The application complements the recently introduced revolutionary Long Term Evolution (LTE 4G) network from Etisalat, in which customers can benefit from a seamless high quality digital voice and video experience, with extra-low latency and data transfer at 4G speeds.”

It is being said that the Etisalat's rival the DU is also being considering their own branded VOIP app in the Dubai / Gulf, time will tell, until the war is hot, consumer can never be the King, so let's pray that VOIP comes to 'fire' in UAE!

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