SIP - Video Softphone Calls (on iOS, Android) Using Off-the-Shelf Smartphone Video Client Apps

SIP- (session initiation protocol) based video Softphone calling (on iOS, Android) using off-the-shelf Smartphone video client applications

Well, there is no need of any kind of proprietary vendor for mobile video conferencing! Surprised!

… a communication company known as Dialogic and VoIPswitch collaborated to create open video conferencing system for iOS applications as well as for the Google Android devices.

The Vippie video softphone application and the Dialogic applications are now available in the Apple’s iTunes store for a cost, its not Free!

What is the SIP based Video calling technology?

Using this generic SIP client technology the users can make and receive video calls with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices over the internet using WiFi or 3G network.

In the current scenario most of the video communication tools are created using the proprietary vendors. Observing this, the two companies Dialogic and VoIPswitch make use of off-the-shelf Smartphone video client applications and prove that the open standards can also works for the mobile video conferencing.

The technology permits their clients to make the Internet calls from anywhere all over the globe.

Make sure you have a VoIP account to use this software and the upgrade version of iPod and iPhone. Also need an external microphone.


• Main feature is that it makes and receives SIP calls.
• The calls are free among all the users.
• Directly takes the contact from the mobile contact list.
• The user will be updated with the balance information, call cost information, call status, last calls log.
• Users have the choice of redial option too!

Cool SIP video calling application for Apple iOS and Google Android indeed!

Enjoy mobile video conferencing everywhere over the globe without a proprietary vendor!!


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