SIM Based Facebook Service

Facebook for SIM: How to Access FB via SMS; with no need of any data plan?!

Smart news for all the social networking, the Facebook users all over the world, those who are using Facebook through their cell phones! ... you can now able to use your Facebook account through your GSM mobile devices without any data subscriptions. Really?

Facebook for SIM is the new smart client/server SIM (subscriber's identification module) application for all the users.

This application permits you to enjoy the facilities of the Facebook on nearly all the GSM mobile devices without any requirement of data plans. Cool!

… no need to worry for the hefty data plans from now on wards!

The introduction to the modern way of accessing the digital book: the Facebook through the mobile phones without any data plans via Facebook for SIM.

The Facebook for SIM application has been designed by Gemalto Software development that has enabled all the users with the simple, easy access to the Facebook features.

You can access all the Facebook features such as send friend request, comment on the status of your friends, wall posts or messages.

Also people can directly sign up for this service and log on through their smart and clever SIM card application.

Facebook for SIM is very useful application as well as it is very easy to use and is available to everyone. There is no need of any data plans or any type of downloads as the software is en-grafted in the SIM itself. Awesome!

The software works for both the types of customers; prepaid as well as pay-monthly customers.

In this modern era of Smartphone, the innovative software Facebook for SIM is likely to have a huge potential to attract the phone users because of its amazing facilities.

Stay connected to your Facebook account through mobile phones wherever you are on the globe! Get addicted ...

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