Share Music, Online in Real Time, How To?

How to, share music, online in the Real Time for FREE?

There is hardly anybody in the world, who doesn't love listening music!

Everybody loves to hear music (whatever the type). Music has become an essential thing in the life of youngsters. The youngsters are gone crazy with the music, gadgets and music on cell phones etc.

.. just imagine that, if you can listen to your favorite music rhythm or tunes with your friends, online in real time while chatting on your Facebook! Oh, My God!

An application the Listening Room allows you to upload the tracks and can be listened with anyone.

What's & How's?

Listening Room is a website for listening & sharing the music with your online friends in real time. It is a concept is a bit different. One person leads to the listening room with a name and he sends the links of the music to anyone else who want to listen.

Anyone can play Mp3 player in the listening room and everyone hears the same music at the same time. What a great idea!

It’s just like the chat room, but for the audio tracks playing.

A beautiful as well as wild 'musical' technology that allows its users to hear the music tracks along with your near and dear ones.

Also you can chat while hearing the music too! Your name can also be seen while making the chat.

Listening Room is the free service. So be quick to download the application.

Enjoy marvelous tracks with your near and dear ones!

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