Micromax Mobile: Shake & Switch SIMs and Networks

Shake Smart Mobile Phone to Hog in-between the Mobile Networks & SIMs

In the techie world of smart phones, gadgets, tablets ... everyone is experiencing the real heck out here every moment :)

There are numerous varieties of stylish cell phones available in the modern, innovative tech market that decreases the distance between you and your near and dear ones.

… Cell phones are ‘broadcasting’ themselves that they are the essential gadgets in today’s communication era; especially the teen generation is very fond of new, stylish cell phones with all the latest features embedded in it.

The mobile manufacturers are trying to captivate the market by emerging new technologies in their mobile phones.

The mobile manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony and many others are experiencing the cold war regarding the quality and the features embedded in their cell phones.

Here is rise of a star called Micromax X395, which has a cool feature which other even smartest of the cell phone might not have!

Dual SIM cell phones have been in the mobile market long back and are enhancing its popularity in India.

Micromax, a shining star in mobile world

Micromax, An Indian mobile manufacturer company has recently launched its new model with three way axis motion sensors!

Micromax X395 Convertible is the dual SIM model that will allow its users to switch through the network simply by shaking the cell phone :)

…innovative handset makes everything smarter and simpler!

Micromax X395 Convertible comes with dual SIM, MP3 player and pre loaded mini web browser.

You can now change your SIM card, skip music tracks, turn the phone in silent mode during an incoming call with just a small shake.

Let’s have a quick look on the cool features of Micromax X395 Convertible:
• It has a unique reflective keypad.
• 1.3 mp camera.
• Automatic motion sensors that switches through SIM’s.
• It has inbuilt T9 Dictionary.
• It supports GPRS/WAP/MMS.
• It has Bluetooth, stereo, FM radio and also has a video recorder too!
• Also has pre loaded mini web browser.

Get ready to switch: shake, twist and turn your cell phone and enjoy seamless calling!

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