Live Video Conference: Augmented Reality Software

How to make a real time; live Video Conferencing over Augmented Reality Software (flash based), face to face?

The Tele-presence has become a synonym or an essential tool or rather our need (we always run short of time) in the today’s modern corporate culture of face to face communication!

As the name implies, Video Conferencing is the combination of two way video and audio technology that permits two or more locations to behave as two way video and audio transmissions at the same and real time.

Previously video conferencing was just a two way talk experience but now we are able to experience a live and real (virtual) life video conferencing with the help of an outstanding technology known as Augmented Reality (AR).

Nowadays computer graphics and the technologies have become much artificially intelligent, smart and sophisticated. The intelligent, brilliant brains are pushing the barriers photorealism and trying to integrate them into the real world environment.

Here comes forward a brand new technology called as Augmented Reality that blots the line between what is real and what is computer generated by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell.

Augmented reality is really changing the way we view the actual world, its rather transforming or shaping the real world into a virtual world wonder.

Live Streaming Video Conferencing / Internet Real Time Face to Face Communication on AR:

Welcome to the Augmented Reality (AR) technology by Zugara.

ZugSTAR, new, amazing video conferencing software along with the AR technology that allows people in different locations to have shared AR experience via browser based live video conferencing system.

In this software the Augmented Reality becomes a technology that makes easier the collaboration. Also the physical distance becomes less of barrier too!

This technology offers a web based video conferencing technology similar to Skype the VOIP citadel, but with enhanced features of being able to see one another’s augmented experience in real life.

Imagine a convergence of voice and video conferencing with real time interactive communication in AR? Yes now you can!

Introducing the AR technology from Zugara, ZugSTAR, the world’s first streaming Augmented Reality technology … as they say, looks like you are reeling into a 3D world!

The software does not need any proprietary plug-in, no need of any software download. It works on any type browser.

The web is as such social and now the people can have shared Augmented Reality experiences within their video feeds. … ZugSTAR allows interactive video conferencing in new and exciting ways.

What are the uses of this Augmented Reality video chat technology?

Using ZugSTAR, friends can enjoy their online shopping experience together, no matter where they are located. They can see what their other friend is interacting with them and can have fun. This will provide a real time interactive video environment.

The technology can also change the way we interact with each other in the different scenarios of life.

Let us see where ZugSTAR augmented reality conferencing can be implemented

• … a mother who is on a travel trip can communicate with her son/daughter effectively with the most advanced and high tech AR software.
• e-commerce & social shopping: shop online together with yours using AR online software, it does not matters that you are in New York and your friend or Mom is in London, AR software sans the physical distances, and do it all for you, what you always dream of!
• Doctors from all over the globe can review the body scans together, face to face in a virtual clinical environment for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.
• The educators can explore a new style of learning at their own pace and can learn in very easier way.
• Also playing casual AR social online games would have more fun than ever!
• … on the corporate level, a 3D model can be shared and discussed with their vendors, clients, colleagues and business partners too.

Communication in the future is going to be in real, interactive way through ZugSTAR and such other AR chat platforms!

Be ready for the synergistic communication with whole of the world! Steal the fun; taste the thunder; Have usability, essentially with a blended live AR video communication!

Thank you Devashree!

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