Free-Live-Real Time Video Chat from UAE / VOIP Blocked Countries

How To: Free VOIP Video Calls from PC to Apple iPhone

The frontiers of Science & Technology plays a decisive role in every aspect of life as it continuously re size, reshaped and developed and is developing like ever across all the continents from decades to make life easier than ever!

A technology has been devised for all the video callers all over the world, this technology has cut down all the barriers/restrictions like now; you can make your video call from your iPhone to home PC :)

Cross Platform Video Calls by Nimbuzz (mobile VoIP)

Here comes Nimbuzz, a smart application that lets its users to make the video calls, chat, messaging and more all from their iPhone.

It’s going to be really great news that from now on wards you are able to make video calls directly from your iPhone to PC.

What is this heck out here?

Nimbuzz is application basically designed for Apple iOS devices and windows computers. Nimbuzz video calling features works over 3G/4G and WiFi. It allows its users to make video calls from iOS device to iOS device, iOS device to PC and PC to iOS devices.

Nimbuzz has its own large numbers of users globally. It is available on thousands of the world’s most popular devices across all the major platforms, that includes Symbian, Android, Blackberry and iOS devices.

…video calling and video chatting has brought out the new phase of communication with the help of Nimbuzz!

Nimbuzz can be installed on all the smart phone and feature phones, so that you can invite all your near and dear ones to join you for the video call service.

Just make sure that, both you and your friend should have this application installed on your mobile phone.

In addition to making video calls, if sometime your carrier blocks VoIP services on its network, there is always a video (text) chat that permits you to see the person at the other end and can chat by texting with him/her, that is a cool feature indeed! This is a good option for VOIP calls blocked nations like UAE, Gulf, Asia Pacific or MENA countries.

Let us have an overview of this VOIP Nimbuzz application:
• FREE video calls over 3G/4G and WiFi, iPhone to iPhone and iPhone to PC.
• FREE unlimited chat.
• You can also connect with other accounts like Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Google talk and others and can bring your friends in one list.
• You can be always seen online with the push notification.
• Test/message with video but minus audio, yes…new feature because it allows you to see each other even though the VoIP calling service has been restricted.

Get ready for the video calling on the go, download Nimbuzz VOIP application from iTunes store!

Never let any distances come between you and your near and dear one anymore! Go on with Nimbuzz…

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