Natural Child Birth: Watch Live Streaming Free Online WebCast

Watch Live, Real Time, Free Webcast: How a Child is born, Courtesy a Canadian Mother

This is really weird yet mind boggling for the medical science students, expecting mothers, Papas, and equally for the young curious guys who always surf the net or flip the pages to know how a child is born after a long 9 months pregnancy to a mother?

Some guys are very open minded, less shy and do not hesitate to broadcast over a web cam, live the child birth, online that is too for free : ) In many Asian countries and societies this is always treated as a taboo thing and has no such place : ) but who can compete the Western world?

Anyways, reading Mashable, did found a very interesting story that how dare is this Canadian Mom and Chiropractor Nancy Salgueiro who will give natural birth to her 3rd child (due date) in October this and is ready to share the whole of the medical or miracle process with the world at large, how would she do this, time will tell, what about her privacy is the question to me?

This is not an amusement, when her 2 year old son will cut her umbilical chord, oh my God, this will make me mad, but Nancy and her loving family perhaps believes that this is the way to a perfect Motherhood, cool and daring step, I think?!

Anyways, I had too applied for the live broadcast of the natural birth of a child and will wait, perhaps I will get an invitation too : ) I am curious, We have our fingers crossed, let us wait for the rhythmic and an easy stream of labor pains, God Bless!

Be the part of a history in the making, feel her labor pains and share her joy of being a Mother, this is the holiest thing of this Mother Nature : )


PS: This is not the kids' play, fun or sex way to watch a live child home birth online, so be ensure that you are of the correct age according to your national laws to watch this, as this webcast may have some scenes which may be not good for someone and may cause some uneasiness, so be prepared!

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