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Canada, America: Phone Calls/Video HD Calling for Free via PC-Mac-Linux-Mobile Phones (turn ipod touch into an iPhone)

Many of us many times enjoy freebies :) and course every one of us searches for the new ways of making communication with each other.

Communication makes us happy and alive! Who is here who does not want to communicate freely in this techie world of gadgets, smart phones, tablets, VOIP and such offerings!?

There is a revolution in the field of FREE calling & VOIP communication now a days, and it’s being enhanced by iCall’s new communication and messaging platform.

iCall (it has the letter ‘i’ in the beginning but it is not an Apple Inc. venture), a FREE VoIP calling software is really changing the means of communication for the people all around the globe!

What is the real deal here?

Well, every living soul in this world loves to talk. Some may talk occasionally, while some likes to chat and make video calls frequently and also on the go, mainly the younger generation.

Communication Matters!

Whether its communicating through PC’s or cell phones, video or instant messaging just go for iCall 7 … it makes talking as easy as…talking!

iCall permits you to make and receive calls through 3G and also on a WiFi network (VOIP), even when you do not have your mobile signal.

The users have to register themselves for free iCall account and then the tool enables them to manage with both their iCall Mobile and online communications.

… you can make calls on any telephone in US and Canada with no charge! Even the calls for all the iCall users are always FREE, no matter where you are on the globe!

With iCall the customers can now enjoy the fine quality of audio and video calling services with the added benefit of having integrated communications solution so that the users can now talk freely worldwide with the help of numerous communication channels.

Go social with free social VOIP calls

iCall VOIP software enable users to directly to interact with multiple messaging social protocols/networks like Facebook Chat, MSN, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger.

Let us review some exclusive features of this iCall application:
• It supports FREE USA and Canada calling.
• Free access number.
• You can receive VoIP calls even though your application is not running.
• The calls made through iCall don’t count towards your cell calling plan.
• You can make cheap rate international calls too!
• There are no roaming charges.
• It is compatible to iPhone, iPod touch.
• Also the users can share screens and desktops and can transfer files for real time collaboration.

To enjoy the uninterrupted FREE VOIP phone calling service, download the application from iTunes App Store for your iGadgets!

Pick up the phone, dial the number and enjoy calling, texting for FREE with iCall!

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