How to Text On a Driving and Be Safe?

Do Safe Texting while on a Car Drive using Text by Voice

Texting while driving is risky at all the times but sometimes it’s essential too?!

Imagine if there is one such application that would text for you through your voice recognition?

There are varieties of mobile phone applications that can send your messages using your voice, but there are not many that can read your incoming messages loud out there. Here comes in the light a brand new application from Sonalight known as Text by Voice.

It's other than a Hands free device, its Text by Voice

The application has launched on Android market which seems to be quite useful for the users. With the help of this application, you can send as well as receive the messages by your voice recognition while on a drive without looking to the cell phone screen and focusing only on your car steering and the road of-course.

Text by Voice is completely hands free application. You just have to dictate the message to who you want to send and what that message should say; the app will automatically does it works and also responds you with an incoming message and will talk it louder as well.

The application is safe for the users who always want to text while driving. There is no need to look or touch your mobile screens. This is a unique feature of the application which makes the application more popular than any other.

The users can also set an auto-responder for incoming text messages, thus you can start with you Text by Voice application as you start your driving,

As this application runs on the background, you can use other applications simultaneously.

Tell your friends where you are or update your family that how long it will take to come home, without touching your cell phones!

A unique featured powerful application for those who do lot of driving!

Enjoy driving more safely with Text by Voice!


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