A Global Cross-Platform Mobile Chat Solution on the Go

Korea's Samsung: the rising star in the world of telecom and communication has recently launched an innovative technology for instant messaging service. ChatON, (download ChatOn for Android) a service that allows its users to chat on any cross platform network everywhere in the world.

With the help of this ChatON service you are able to communicate instantly with any mobile phones!

The service will have its total support to users of all leading Smartphones, Tablets, notebook PC’s as well as Samsung feature phones. Great!

Using this awesome technology all its users can send text, images, hand written notes and videos to their family members and friends without wasting any single moment.

The service permits all its users to make group chats as well as easy conversations between mobile and PC too!

Also the users are able to create a multimedia animation messages. They can create their own content by editing text as well as they can add audios, videos and also can select the background pictures as per their needs.

The Samsung's service is completely free and is compatible for any devices. That’s the plus point of the service.

Using this incredible service the customers can enjoy easier and faster communication with whoever they want all over the globe.

Let’s have a look at the best features of the Samsung's technology:

• Currently ChatON is available in 120 countries and is supporting up to 62 languages.
• It allows its users an easy way to send text, pictures, audio messages as well as animated messages!
• The users all over the globe can enjoy the ChatON service with free and easy communication with their near and dear ones.
• ChatON permits its users to link and develop its social contacts instantly and flexibly through their mobile devices.

Stay connected with everyone, everywhere on the go!!


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