Free VoIP {WIFI} Calls: Windows Phone 7

Free VoIP Calls for Windows Phone 7 (WP7; Windows Phone 7.5 = Mango)

A location based, social, online network, known as: WNM Live (by Synergetechsolutions) promises to give you the VERY first taste of VOIP app / free VOIP calling with your Microsoft's Windows 7 / Mango smart cell phones!

FYI: Tango is coming as an embedded functionality on WP7, using which one can taste the real and live face to face mobile video calling on the go. And as the Skype VOIP is now owned by Microsoft itself, it will soon start its VOIP app for Windows mobile phones, but it seems that WNM (who is near me) LiVE is quick and very first to claim its birth in hot VOIP segment!

WNM connects you with the people near around, anonymously via, text, pictures, chat or WIFI voice calls (VOIP), its a social networking platform for open communications with even strangers, hanging near around and willing to talk & communicate with you,

They claim that they (WP7 VOIP app) are cross platform enabled means a call can be done within mobile phone, PC or a Mac or even Facebook VOIP app ... never worry of your hefty cell phone minutes now to make a voice call.

Download the app from here.


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