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Get Facebook Mobile-Wireless App for Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch (iOS)

You are the lucky guys (perhaps?), that you are born in this digital age of Internet, cell phones, Google, Facebook, iPad and Skype! This was not the case when I was born, there was not even that television at that time, just a transistor or Radio age : ( Huh!

In the recent time, there is some tremendous hike in the field of modern technology & communication system, which is going now beyond our imagination.

The technology plays a vital role in the current web scenario. There are numerous inventions of apps/ technologies that are beneficial for the users. One such app has been surfaced by popular online social network the Facebook to all its users’ worldwide.

The FB or the blue colored Facebook, the king of the social networking site has recently launched its Facebook application for Apple iPad (iOS), a long awaited application for all of the Facebook users.

FYI: Do you know why the FB is primarily BLUE colored in its theme?

Previously, Facebook portal or website was perhaps not really meant for the touch screen devices, but now the scenario is totally changed as Facebook for iPad’s has been launched.

Yes…you can now feel complete freedom and an experience of Facebook on your iPad’s too! Cool!

So, here is the new way to experience Facebook just at your finger tips…

The iPad's Facebook application seems to work just like the regular Facebook where you can share high resolution photos, photo albums, timeline, ticker, share music, apps, feeds, chat, Skype VOIP video calls to FB friends, message as well as comment etc, etc,.

Here are some of the features of the newly launched Facebook for iPad app:
• You can view better, bigger photo quality with high resolution. Your photos take on new life on your iPad’s.
• Easy and fast navigation anywhere.
• You can also play different games, chat with your friends when you are on the go.
• You can send messages very easily.
• Also you can zoom on the photos, recent updates or events/stories.

Well, using Facebook on iPad’s feels an ease as well as fun right at your finger touch.

Be ready to feel the splendid experience of using Facebook on your iPad’s, enjoy!!!


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