Facebook Chat by Doodles over iOS, How To?

Chat on Facebook over Apple iOS using Drawings or Doodles!

We all love doing chit chatting on Facebook :) especially the younger ones and the teens are much affectionate in doing chats on FB or the Facebook.

For the chat lovers here is an introduction of an app called as Doodle for Facebook chat.

What does this Doodle app really is?

Viewing the craze of chatting by the peoples all over the globe, there is a launch of a new application on Facebook chat known as Doodle.

First learn, what is a Doodle?

Doodles are basically the caricatures, sketch or a drawing or rather the abstract shapes that are made while a person’s attention is otherwise engaged. Like Google has made the word Doodle a famous one, Google play always new doodles on its search home page, many times to commemorate famous personalities’ birthday, some rare or historic moments etc, also Google announces Doodle for Google contests for kids globally.

Surprise and amaze your friends using this Doodle application

Generally typing a message is quite draggy work to perform so, just doodle back when your friend messages you on Facebook chat.

FB chat with Doodle is an instant messaging application that allows you to chat with your friend with the help of amazing hand made drawings. Just log on into your Facebook account, search for the friends who are online and start chatting with them. Even if they are offline you can leave a message for them.

Enjoy the old schooling day’s drawings that are used to draw when you tend to lose interest in the lectures or drawn while daydreaming.

You can doodle with your friend too who does not have this application installed in their computer; Doodle goes in their Facebook message directly. But hey! You can double the fun by inviting your friend to download the application and Doodle back.

This free communication, utility application is compatible with Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Download the Free Facebook chat app with Doodles, from Apple iTunes App store and start doodling!

Amaze your friends with creative doodling and have great fun!

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