Discover Nearby Contacts (in Real Time) and Get Pinged on Android & iOS for Free?

A cross-platform cell phone social search or discovery app for Apple iOS: iPhone and Google Android to get noticed ALL OF your contacts in your nearby places or locations and get alerted!

It is a geolocation information aggregator ... which is creating a social verse!

The techies' world is really getting its arms tight across the whole world. There are numerous technologies and applications being discovered daily by the intelligent brains all over the globe :)

One such mobile location surveillance technology has been evolved which allows you to keep track of your friends where they are and what they are doing.

Banjo, a social discovery service that has launched its cross platform mobile application for iPhone and Android.

The application is basically a social networking service that allows its users to explore social updates across various social networks that can connect real people in real time.

Check out the real deal out here!

Banjo is an application that detects your Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare contacts, puts them on map and pings you when those contacts are nearby you.

This social discovery service has introduced a modern way to keep track of where your friends are and what they are doing at that time.

You are able to get an automatic friend alert when your friends are nearby you. Yes…now there is nearly no chance to miss anyone of your friend at all, at any time.

How does Banjo works?

Banjo is the service that works globally with every social network allowing you to find your friends who are nearby you.

The users are able to connect and interact with people and places in real time across multiple social networks.

Banjo automatically creates a social friend alerts when your friends are nearby from your place.

Like if you go in the shopping mall and likely your friend happens to be there and both of you are unaware of that, here is the Magic of Banjo, which automatically alerts you that hey! One of your friends is here nearby you.

Banjo soon is going to set the radius for the notifications too! You can also be able to chat, tweet or check in to the social networks within the application.

Just have a quick look over the great features of Banjo

• With just one tap Banjo allows you to connect with different communities of social networking.
• You are able to view photos, social updates and profiles and can make comment also.
• With the help of Banjo map you can see where the updates are happening.

Discover the great world with Banjo, you will never be alone at all in this digital age of internet, cell phones, tablets and wireless!

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