Digital Notepad Handwriting Recognition App for iOS

Digital Notepad Handwriting Recognition App for Apple iPad, iPhone

Currently there are many gadgets and digital applications that contribute in the human advancement by providing us the user friendly access on their software.

Do you want a digital innovation too on your iOS Apple iPhone, iPad devices?

Handwriting Recognition Digital software / app for iOS

So, here you are with the most innovative as well as excellent application on your iOS which recognizes your handwriting and also allows you to edit it later on. Oh, that’s cool!

…a world class application 7 Notes HD by the 7Knowledge provides you with the application for your smart phones and tablet devices.

The application 7 Notes HD is all about handwriting recognition. The application is compatible for Apple's craziest tablet PC: iPad.

What is this amazing application?

Yes…this wonderful iPad application is very sophisticated that makes use of the powerful predictive engine to recognize different types of handwriting. Great!

Even if you scratch or write it with the stylus pen, the application immediately recognizes the handwriting.

What are the features of writing recognition iOS application?

• Most important thing, you can write as fast as you can and later on edit the writing as well as decorate it as per your wish.
• You can take the notes now and then convert them into the digital fonts anytime when you want.
• There is a state-of-the-art predictive engine with natural language technology. It helps you while writing the sentences. You don’t have to type full words or sentences. The engine generates an alternative display to suggest the correct word you want to write. You just have to tap the desired word on the display. Wow!
• You can enrich your note by adding some images as well as some digital fonts too!
• You can post your notes on FaceBook, Twitter as well a on the emails too. Have the fun sharing with your near and dear ones and amaze them with your creativity.
• You can even store the note on different storage devices such as Evernote, Dropbox and many others.
• Also you can add your own comments on the different notes or web pages too!

You can download the application for free from iTunes…hurry up!!!

Enjoy the digital experience on your iOS devices…its fun and user friendly!!!


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