Control 3D-CAD & Models on Apple iPad

3D CAD Control with your iPad

New features & applications are emerging everyday in applied science that eases the necessities of human beings.

Are you an Auto CAD (computer aided design) programmer looking for a 3D controller to have hold on your sketches without any disarray?

Don’t worry; here is the best solution for your tech query. Check out Maide Control- a new app that permits its users to control 3D CAD data with a lot comfort and that too on their iPad’s!

You can interact easily and more intuitively with your 3D software’s with the help of this application called as Maide Control.

This fine iOS / iPad application that allows you to control your 3D sketch ups in a very simpler, intuitive multi-touch interface.

How does this application useful to the users?

Maide Control application makes using CAD collaborative, simple. The app allows you to use the touch gestures such as Pan, zoom and rotate very easily, comfortably on your iPad’s.

You can also rapidly change your views or quickly fits your model to the screen.

Also you can make use of the gestures that can easily access the tools and commands. You are also able to even have the fore functionality of your keyboard and mouse too from your iPad.

For the first time you can makes changes in your models without using your computer screens.

As much of the fun in designing comes from working together, you can now connect multiple iPad’s to one model. So now anyone can have control on your model. You can show your creativity to your colleagues and friends and can share their views regarding your models.

Use your iPad to make a presentation of your models with a creative style. You can also take some screenshots of your design to view them later as your needs and can also email them directly from the app.

Switch on Maide Control App for easy, collaborative 3D control for iPad!

Writing Credit: Devashree

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