Anonymous Messaging in Crowd, Rallies: Social GPS App for Android & iOS: Vibe

A smart cell phone Global Positioning System (GPS) App for rallies, crowd and protests to Share thoughts, chat in real time, instantly!

Cell phone technology is making waves with all of its usable factors and especially when they are constructed with different applications. The technology has a great boom now-a-days. It has captured the whole world with all its wonderful applications.

How is the idea of communicating with the peoples who are unknown to you? Surprised?

There is a birth of new kid on the social media block!

The Vibe, a new mobile application for communicating with the peoples around you but are not really known to you.

Not really known means the peoples can be your co-workers, school mates, peoples in the park or may be residents on your buildings.

What does Vibe really means?

Vibe is an application that helps us to connect with the people around us without necessarily knowing them like in a big rally, crowd or street protest etc.

The application works by GPS and permits the users to choose the range of the messages. The most unique thing is it’s totally anonymous! That’s really great!

How does the application works?

Vibe, as you know connects the people with each other through messages. The users can make use Vibe to "Tweet" with other users on their mobile phones without disclosing their identities.

There is no need of any kind of registration to use this application.

Here the users can decide their own time limits for chatting or messaging. The time extends from 15 minutes, 1 hour, a day, seven days or forever…!

To continue the Vibe, you just have to post what is going on your mind and can exists how long you want it to be.

It is something like the Twitter in the crowd on the go on cell phones ...

Users can choose their own distance of how long their message will travel. …a Whisper can be seen 160 feet to 50 meters. A speak can be seen up to 1500 feet away from the users mobile phone. A shout 3 miles away and a yell 300 miles away and a bellow can be seen worldwide.

Seems to be a useful, must have essential app to communicate anonymously with big crowd, rallies etc. Also you can share messages along with photos, videos with the peoples within 160 feet or miles away for as long as 15 minutes or up to 30 days. Amazing!

The Vibe application is available for both Apple’s iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Google’s Android OS for Smartphones and mobile devices.

Stay connected with the world…see you on the Vibe!!!

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