24 Hours Free Phone Calls and Chat on Smart Mobiles

How to get 24 Hours of Free Phone Calls, Texts and Chat on Smart Mobile Phones?

How would you react after getting the facility of 24 hours calling and chatting on the mobile phones and that is too for FREE?

Get ready all the Smartphone users, you are now able to do 24 hours calling and chatting on your Smartphones with no costs at all.

An app or application known as WowTalk for the Smartphone users enable them 24 hours of FREE phone calls and chats.

What is WowTalk?

WowTalk is basically a Smartphone communication / telephony application (for Apple iOS / for Android its coming too) that enables its users to make FREE international calls as well as make and receive international messages too!

It also allows permits each user to update this/her status and share it with their friends.

Just make sure that you as well as your friend with whom you want to talk should also have this application downloaded in his/ her Smartphone.

Thus, WowTalk is an easier way to get connected with your friends without any costs.

WowTalk is just like the Skype, having the same features, but the main difference is, the user does not need to add contacts or ask for IDs.

You are also able to view what your friends are really doing, in your address book. You can make the calls using your existing contact list, does not require making any new list.

So, get ready to download this amazing application from the Apple’s iTunes!

Be connected with all your friends anywhere all over the globe and that too FREE!!!

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