Discover Nearby Contacts (in Real Time) and Get Pinged on Android & iOS for Free?

A cross-platform cell phone social search or discovery app for Apple iOS: iPhone and Google Android to get noticed ALL OF your contacts in your nearby places or locations and get alerted!

It is a geolocation information aggregator ... which is creating a social verse!

The techies' world is really getting its arms tight across the whole world. There are numerous technologies and applications being discovered daily by the intelligent brains all over the globe :)

One such mobile location surveillance technology has been evolved which allows you to keep track of your friends where they are and what they are doing.

Banjo, a social discovery service that has launched its cross platform mobile application for iPhone and Android.

The application is basically a social networking service that allows its users to explore social updates across various social networks that can connect real people in real time.

Check out the real deal out here!

Banjo is an application that detects your Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare contacts, puts them on map and pings you when those contacts are nearby you.

This social discovery service has introduced a modern way to keep track of where your friends are and what they are doing at that time.

You are able to get an automatic friend alert when your friends are nearby you. Yes…now there is nearly no chance to miss anyone of your friend at all, at any time.

How does Banjo works?

Banjo is the service that works globally with every social network allowing you to find your friends who are nearby you.

The users are able to connect and interact with people and places in real time across multiple social networks.

Banjo automatically creates a social friend alerts when your friends are nearby from your place.

Like if you go in the shopping mall and likely your friend happens to be there and both of you are unaware of that, here is the Magic of Banjo, which automatically alerts you that hey! One of your friends is here nearby you.

Banjo soon is going to set the radius for the notifications too! You can also be able to chat, tweet or check in to the social networks within the application.

Just have a quick look over the great features of Banjo

• With just one tap Banjo allows you to connect with different communities of social networking.
• You are able to view photos, social updates and profiles and can make comment also.
• With the help of Banjo map you can see where the updates are happening.

Discover the great world with Banjo, you will never be alone at all in this digital age of internet, cell phones, tablets and wireless!

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Facebook Chat by Doodles over iOS, How To?

Chat on Facebook over Apple iOS using Drawings or Doodles!

We all love doing chit chatting on Facebook :) especially the younger ones and the teens are much affectionate in doing chats on FB or the Facebook.

For the chat lovers here is an introduction of an app called as Doodle for Facebook chat.

What does this Doodle app really is?

Viewing the craze of chatting by the peoples all over the globe, there is a launch of a new application on Facebook chat known as Doodle.

First learn, what is a Doodle?

Doodles are basically the caricatures, sketch or a drawing or rather the abstract shapes that are made while a person’s attention is otherwise engaged. Like Google has made the word Doodle a famous one, Google play always new doodles on its search home page, many times to commemorate famous personalities’ birthday, some rare or historic moments etc, also Google announces Doodle for Google contests for kids globally.

Surprise and amaze your friends using this Doodle application

Generally typing a message is quite draggy work to perform so, just doodle back when your friend messages you on Facebook chat.

FB chat with Doodle is an instant messaging application that allows you to chat with your friend with the help of amazing hand made drawings. Just log on into your Facebook account, search for the friends who are online and start chatting with them. Even if they are offline you can leave a message for them.

Enjoy the old schooling day’s drawings that are used to draw when you tend to lose interest in the lectures or drawn while daydreaming.

You can doodle with your friend too who does not have this application installed in their computer; Doodle goes in their Facebook message directly. But hey! You can double the fun by inviting your friend to download the application and Doodle back.

This free communication, utility application is compatible with Apple iOS: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Download the Free Facebook chat app with Doodles, from Apple iTunes App store and start doodling!

Amaze your friends with creative doodling and have great fun!

Radio City 91.1 FM: Live Free Music Online-24 Hours a Day

I always love to hear some light fun, chat and music during my whole day online routine,

Free FM / Streaming Web Radio: Radio City 91.1, Listen anywhere in the world for free, online

I was searching for a free LIVE FM radio online, which plays or stream Hindi songs for free which can be enjoyed during work hours or whenever you want to hear them with the fun chit chat of crispy & mirchi DJs voice ...

Enjoy and share free online FM music with yours live and in real time.

Alternatively you can hear selective, customized or live, non stop Indian songs and music here: (this is NOT FM service though)

Never forget Google music, it is best even on slow speed internet:

Before listening to the music etc, be ensured that your internet data plan is surely an unlimited one, as these music etc sites consumes a big of your bandwidth data, than do not brick bat me : )

Bookmark us, share, sms and listen free Bollywood music directly using this page itself!

Free VoIP {WIFI} Calls: Windows Phone 7

Free VoIP Calls for Windows Phone 7 (WP7; Windows Phone 7.5 = Mango)

A location based, social, online network, known as: WNM Live (by Synergetechsolutions) promises to give you the VERY first taste of VOIP app / free VOIP calling with your Microsoft's Windows 7 / Mango smart cell phones!

FYI: Tango is coming as an embedded functionality on WP7, using which one can taste the real and live face to face mobile video calling on the go. And as the Skype VOIP is now owned by Microsoft itself, it will soon start its VOIP app for Windows mobile phones, but it seems that WNM (who is near me) LiVE is quick and very first to claim its birth in hot VOIP segment!

WNM connects you with the people near around, anonymously via, text, pictures, chat or WIFI voice calls (VOIP), its a social networking platform for open communications with even strangers, hanging near around and willing to talk & communicate with you,

They claim that they (WP7 VOIP app) are cross platform enabled means a call can be done within mobile phone, PC or a Mac or even Facebook VOIP app ... never worry of your hefty cell phone minutes now to make a voice call.

Download the app from here.


Share Music, Online in Real Time, How To?

How to, share music, online in the Real Time for FREE?

There is hardly anybody in the world, who doesn't love listening music!

Everybody loves to hear music (whatever the type). Music has become an essential thing in the life of youngsters. The youngsters are gone crazy with the music, gadgets and music on cell phones etc.

.. just imagine that, if you can listen to your favorite music rhythm or tunes with your friends, online in real time while chatting on your Facebook! Oh, My God!

An application the Listening Room allows you to upload the tracks and can be listened with anyone.

What's & How's?

Listening Room is a website for listening & sharing the music with your online friends in real time. It is a concept is a bit different. One person leads to the listening room with a name and he sends the links of the music to anyone else who want to listen.

Anyone can play Mp3 player in the listening room and everyone hears the same music at the same time. What a great idea!

It’s just like the chat room, but for the audio tracks playing.

A beautiful as well as wild 'musical' technology that allows its users to hear the music tracks along with your near and dear ones.

Also you can chat while hearing the music too! Your name can also be seen while making the chat.

Listening Room is the free service. So be quick to download the application.

Enjoy marvelous tracks with your near and dear ones!


Social Voice Messaging: Share Sound Clips Like Photo Sharing

... Its like 'Tweeting' Your short Sound Clips!

Messaging; one can’t stop doing messages to their near and dear ones …it has become a fantastic and one of the easiest ‘lazy’ way of communication.

How do you react after listening that you can now share social voice messages with your friends and relatives?

Yiip, a social voice messaging application has recently launched that eases the communication much better.

It actually expands and enhances the way of social messaging service by providing an excellent alternative to texting.

Seeing the zest in the field of messaging, the birth of wonderful application, that can adorn messages with the emotions, voice and sounds to make social voice messaging as a centre part of the sharing medium.

The application Yiip is just like a Twitter to your voice clips. In the current world of voice communication there are varieties of application that has implemented excellent designs into their products.

…but Yiip is a unique application that can really challenge the others, yet expressive and creative too!

Let’s review the excellent features of this social voice application:
• The users can send voice, audio clips to Facebook and Twitter.
• You can have private voice messaging with your friends groups.
• You can create your own Yiip community of friend, celebrities and many others and can also make your own Yiip followers.
• You can insert photos, sound clips and various sound effects into your Yiips!
• Yiip also converts keywords from your voice message to texts. So, you can find what you are looking for and track the topic of the message.
• You are able to hear your social update everywhere you are on the go.

Give the creative and an artistic touch to your messages before sharing them with the help of Yiip. Escalate your fantasy!

Yiip is easy, fun and is rich in voice and sound too! Get ready to download the essential utility, social networking communication application for free from Apple iTunes App store!


Micromax Mobile: Shake & Switch SIMs and Networks

Shake Smart Mobile Phone to Hog in-between the Mobile Networks & SIMs

In the techie world of smart phones, gadgets, tablets ... everyone is experiencing the real heck out here every moment :)

There are numerous varieties of stylish cell phones available in the modern, innovative tech market that decreases the distance between you and your near and dear ones.

… Cell phones are ‘broadcasting’ themselves that they are the essential gadgets in today’s communication era; especially the teen generation is very fond of new, stylish cell phones with all the latest features embedded in it.

The mobile manufacturers are trying to captivate the market by emerging new technologies in their mobile phones.

The mobile manufacturers such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony and many others are experiencing the cold war regarding the quality and the features embedded in their cell phones.

Here is rise of a star called Micromax X395, which has a cool feature which other even smartest of the cell phone might not have!

Dual SIM cell phones have been in the mobile market long back and are enhancing its popularity in India.

Micromax, a shining star in mobile world

Micromax, An Indian mobile manufacturer company has recently launched its new model with three way axis motion sensors!

Micromax X395 Convertible is the dual SIM model that will allow its users to switch through the network simply by shaking the cell phone :)

…innovative handset makes everything smarter and simpler!

Micromax X395 Convertible comes with dual SIM, MP3 player and pre loaded mini web browser.

You can now change your SIM card, skip music tracks, turn the phone in silent mode during an incoming call with just a small shake.

Let’s have a quick look on the cool features of Micromax X395 Convertible:
• It has a unique reflective keypad.
• 1.3 mp camera.
• Automatic motion sensors that switches through SIM’s.
• It has inbuilt T9 Dictionary.
• It supports GPRS/WAP/MMS.
• It has Bluetooth, stereo, FM radio and also has a video recorder too!
• Also has pre loaded mini web browser.

Get ready to switch: shake, twist and turn your cell phone and enjoy seamless calling!

UK-O2-Free VOIP WIFI Phone Calls on iOS / Android

Telefonica's O2 Connect: Free Internet Calling like Micro Soft's Skype VOIP, to any landline or mobile number in UK

It seems, advancements and evolution in the world of telecommunication is at its highest peak?

There are numerous technologies/applications/wireless apps evolving which serves its users with the easiest way to communicate with their near and dear ones and 'FREE' is of course the much needed key factor always and now!

The intelligent & colorful vivid brains of developers all over the world are trying to make the communication easy with your loved ones and as easier as ever!

O2 WIFI Mobile VOIP App

To explore the potential of delivering the VoIP services to customers, there is a TRIAL launch of a brand new service called as “O2 Connect” by O2-Telefonica UK, a mobile communication telecom provider in the UK.

The test run (now) service allows its users to make FREE phone calls to any landline or mobile number in UK a bit like Skype the VOIP!

Let us see what really is this service?

Well, the service O2 Connect is the British telecom operator FREE voice and texting service. The service works on Wi-Fi network and offers FREE calls and text like Skype.

This trial launched service is initially available to Apple iOS mobile, tablets and Google’s Android Smart phones and later (may be) it will roll down on the other devices too!

The birth of a branded VoIP application that permits iOS and iPhone users to make and receive calls and over Wi-Fi network from their normal cell phones to any UK mobile or landline number.

There is no need of any additional log-ins for the subscribers of O2 Connect and also it would not require any kind of sign up for the receiver of a call. These seem to be the key advantages over the existing VoIP services like Skype!

The technologies are getting 'insane', day by day, that are helping their customers for better, easier and comfortable way to communicate with their loved ones!

How to Text On a Driving and Be Safe?

Do Safe Texting while on a Car Drive using Text by Voice

Texting while driving is risky at all the times but sometimes it’s essential too?!

Imagine if there is one such application that would text for you through your voice recognition?

There are varieties of mobile phone applications that can send your messages using your voice, but there are not many that can read your incoming messages loud out there. Here comes in the light a brand new application from Sonalight known as Text by Voice.

It's other than a Hands free device, its Text by Voice

The application has launched on Android market which seems to be quite useful for the users. With the help of this application, you can send as well as receive the messages by your voice recognition while on a drive without looking to the cell phone screen and focusing only on your car steering and the road of-course.

Text by Voice is completely hands free application. You just have to dictate the message to who you want to send and what that message should say; the app will automatically does it works and also responds you with an incoming message and will talk it louder as well.

The application is safe for the users who always want to text while driving. There is no need to look or touch your mobile screens. This is a unique feature of the application which makes the application more popular than any other.

The users can also set an auto-responder for incoming text messages, thus you can start with you Text by Voice application as you start your driving,

As this application runs on the background, you can use other applications simultaneously.

Tell your friends where you are or update your family that how long it will take to come home, without touching your cell phones!

A unique featured powerful application for those who do lot of driving!

Enjoy driving more safely with Text by Voice!


QNX hands free calling in a car ...

ICall: Free VOIP Calling Software

Canada, America: Phone Calls/Video HD Calling for Free via PC-Mac-Linux-Mobile Phones (turn ipod touch into an iPhone)

Many of us many times enjoy freebies :) and course every one of us searches for the new ways of making communication with each other.

Communication makes us happy and alive! Who is here who does not want to communicate freely in this techie world of gadgets, smart phones, tablets, VOIP and such offerings!?

There is a revolution in the field of FREE calling & VOIP communication now a days, and it’s being enhanced by iCall’s new communication and messaging platform.

iCall (it has the letter ‘i’ in the beginning but it is not an Apple Inc. venture), a FREE VoIP calling software is really changing the means of communication for the people all around the globe!

What is the real deal here?

Well, every living soul in this world loves to talk. Some may talk occasionally, while some likes to chat and make video calls frequently and also on the go, mainly the younger generation.

Communication Matters!

Whether its communicating through PC’s or cell phones, video or instant messaging just go for iCall 7 … it makes talking as easy as…talking!

iCall permits you to make and receive calls through 3G and also on a WiFi network (VOIP), even when you do not have your mobile signal.

The users have to register themselves for free iCall account and then the tool enables them to manage with both their iCall Mobile and online communications.

… you can make calls on any telephone in US and Canada with no charge! Even the calls for all the iCall users are always FREE, no matter where you are on the globe!

With iCall the customers can now enjoy the fine quality of audio and video calling services with the added benefit of having integrated communications solution so that the users can now talk freely worldwide with the help of numerous communication channels.

Go social with free social VOIP calls

iCall VOIP software enable users to directly to interact with multiple messaging social protocols/networks like Facebook Chat, MSN, Google Talk, AIM, Yahoo Messenger.

Let us review some exclusive features of this iCall application:
• It supports FREE USA and Canada calling.
• Free access number.
• You can receive VoIP calls even though your application is not running.
• The calls made through iCall don’t count towards your cell calling plan.
• You can make cheap rate international calls too!
• There are no roaming charges.
• It is compatible to iPhone, iPod touch.
• Also the users can share screens and desktops and can transfer files for real time collaboration.

To enjoy the uninterrupted FREE VOIP phone calling service, download the application from iTunes App Store for your iGadgets!

Pick up the phone, dial the number and enjoy calling, texting for FREE with iCall!

Free-Live-Real Time Video Chat from UAE / VOIP Blocked Countries

How To: Free VOIP Video Calls from PC to Apple iPhone

The frontiers of Science & Technology plays a decisive role in every aspect of life as it continuously re size, reshaped and developed and is developing like ever across all the continents from decades to make life easier than ever!

A technology has been devised for all the video callers all over the world, this technology has cut down all the barriers/restrictions like now; you can make your video call from your iPhone to home PC :)

Cross Platform Video Calls by Nimbuzz (mobile VoIP)

Here comes Nimbuzz, a smart application that lets its users to make the video calls, chat, messaging and more all from their iPhone.

It’s going to be really great news that from now on wards you are able to make video calls directly from your iPhone to PC.

What is this heck out here?

Nimbuzz is application basically designed for Apple iOS devices and windows computers. Nimbuzz video calling features works over 3G/4G and WiFi. It allows its users to make video calls from iOS device to iOS device, iOS device to PC and PC to iOS devices.

Nimbuzz has its own large numbers of users globally. It is available on thousands of the world’s most popular devices across all the major platforms, that includes Symbian, Android, Blackberry and iOS devices.

…video calling and video chatting has brought out the new phase of communication with the help of Nimbuzz!

Nimbuzz can be installed on all the smart phone and feature phones, so that you can invite all your near and dear ones to join you for the video call service.

Just make sure that, both you and your friend should have this application installed on your mobile phone.

In addition to making video calls, if sometime your carrier blocks VoIP services on its network, there is always a video (text) chat that permits you to see the person at the other end and can chat by texting with him/her, that is a cool feature indeed! This is a good option for VOIP calls blocked nations like UAE, Gulf, Asia Pacific or MENA countries.

Let us have an overview of this VOIP Nimbuzz application:
• FREE video calls over 3G/4G and WiFi, iPhone to iPhone and iPhone to PC.
• FREE unlimited chat.
• You can also connect with other accounts like Facebook, Twitter, MSN, Google talk and others and can bring your friends in one list.
• You can be always seen online with the push notification.
• Test/message with video but minus audio, yes…new feature because it allows you to see each other even though the VoIP calling service has been restricted.

Get ready for the video calling on the go, download Nimbuzz VOIP application from iTunes store!

Never let any distances come between you and your near and dear one anymore! Go on with Nimbuzz…

Produced by Devashree, exclusively for Talkfree7.

SIMRAN: Real Time Train Tracking on Mobile & Web

What is SIMRAN?

Simran could be a cool, preferred Indian name for any girl! But ..."what is in a name? That which we call a rose, By any other name would smell as sweet"

Anywys … SIMRAN is still a cool but a serious technical project for the Indian Railways, here SIMRAN stands for: SATELLITE IMAGING FOR RAIL NAVIGATION (GPS based).

SIMRAN is India’s national project to track Indian trains, running on their tracks, in the real time, it is rather a digital map of the Indian railways system; one of the largest in the world, in terms of total length of running trains and also its number of employees!

SIMRAN GPS online tracking is developed jointly by the scientists of IIT, Kanpur and RDSO-Indian Railways, Lucknow, India!

SIMRAN is a Real Time Train Information System (RTIS) Project:

The real time train position tracking system SIMRAN uses India wide GPS co-ordinates to gauge the whereabouts of any trains running on its tracks, in the real time…till now the project is being experimented on many popular trains running between popular destinations. The many of the trains like Rajdhanis, Shatabdis and MEMUs can be tracked now using this Indian real time train location software!

SIMRAN’s GPS Navigation’s main features:
- The trains can be tracked just by a SMS query originated from any mobile phone,
- Also you can make an enhanced Web based Real time train query on
- You can view a LCD Screens located on the railway platforms to know about the real time train information.,
- It has a Wireless LCD coach display system too,
- Know the real time location, route, speed, delays, coach position, and train movement etc. on a live, real time screen display like on a laptop / PC screen of all the Indian Rail movement.

The GPS based SIMRAN project could be a boon to one of the most uncomfortable & crowded Indian Railways, especially in the ‘cruel’ fogy winters’ in the North India when the trains’ movement comes to an halt and is severely paralyzed there!

Indians are getting ahead in mobile phone penetration and enjoying most competitive and cheap calling SMS rates, so they also can know their specific train information using any mobile SMS just by sending the train’s number to this cell phone number 09415139139 in a format: T Example: T 15609

Congrats India, you are going high tech and joining the most advanced nations’ club who has this hi-tech railways advance tracking real time system with them.

Control 3D-CAD & Models on Apple iPad

3D CAD Control with your iPad

New features & applications are emerging everyday in applied science that eases the necessities of human beings.

Are you an Auto CAD (computer aided design) programmer looking for a 3D controller to have hold on your sketches without any disarray?

Don’t worry; here is the best solution for your tech query. Check out Maide Control- a new app that permits its users to control 3D CAD data with a lot comfort and that too on their iPad’s!

You can interact easily and more intuitively with your 3D software’s with the help of this application called as Maide Control.

This fine iOS / iPad application that allows you to control your 3D sketch ups in a very simpler, intuitive multi-touch interface.

How does this application useful to the users?

Maide Control application makes using CAD collaborative, simple. The app allows you to use the touch gestures such as Pan, zoom and rotate very easily, comfortably on your iPad’s.

You can also rapidly change your views or quickly fits your model to the screen.

Also you can make use of the gestures that can easily access the tools and commands. You are also able to even have the fore functionality of your keyboard and mouse too from your iPad.

For the first time you can makes changes in your models without using your computer screens.

As much of the fun in designing comes from working together, you can now connect multiple iPad’s to one model. So now anyone can have control on your model. You can show your creativity to your colleagues and friends and can share their views regarding your models.

Use your iPad to make a presentation of your models with a creative style. You can also take some screenshots of your design to view them later as your needs and can also email them directly from the app.

Switch on Maide Control App for easy, collaborative 3D control for iPad!

Writing Credit: Devashree

Real World Telecom Fraud Stats Revealed at AstriCon

--Nir Simionovich Shows the Frightening Side of Fraud--

Denver, CO and Ramat HaSharon, Israel – October 19, 2011 - Humbug Telecom Labs, provider of carrier-class fraud prevention, detection and telecom analytics for any size business, today announced that the chief architect of the Humbug Project will showcase the frightening reality of telecom fraud at the AstriCon show in Denver, Colorado on Wednesday, October 26 at 11:00 am.

“By presenting real instances of fraud and showcasing the impact it has on these businesses, we expect to create more awareness to a problem that will affect unprotected businesses,” said Simionovich. “It’s not a matter of IF - it’s a matter of WHEN.”

Telecom fraud affects businesses of all sizes, from mom and pop stores to the Department of Homeland Security. No one is safe and very few businesses, service providers and carriers have made the necessary provisions to prevent it. Hacker networks have found the largely unprotected telecom infrastructure the new and far more lucrative frontier for criminal behavior.

Since AstriCon 2010 the Humbug Project had grown to service over 1000 connected systems worldwide, and Humbug Telecom Labs was able to detect several traffic anomalies, that were investigated and analyzed. Simionovich will report these statistics and additional research stemming from nearly 1,000,000 instances that will shed some light on fraud occurances. Attendees will learn the breakdown of:

% of easily preventable blacklisted numbers
Real fraud vs. false positives
Collaborative Fraud Analysis – is there such a thing?

VoIP Fraud Case Studies of 2010-2011” - Wednesday, October 26 at 11:00 am.

About Humbug Telecom Labs

Humbug Telecom Labs makes it affordable for any sized business to have carrier-class fraud prevention and detection, while providing powerful business intelligence, which puts users in command of their telecom activity. Humbug also offers free Telecom Analytics to view telecom traffic in a real time, concise, readable Google Analytics-type format.

No PBX report comes close. Customizable real time alerts can be configured by the user to track telecom traffic behavior and to keep track of spending. Humbug is ideal for call centers, ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers), organizations that sell by phone, businesses with significant telecom expenditures and any responsible organization cognizant of the global fraud epidemic.

Humbug easily integrates with a host of popular open source and proprietary PBX systems. Humbug is funded by Vkantakte, the social networking phenomenon ranked among the world’s Top 50 most visited sites.

Asterisk, and AstriCon are trademarks of Digium, Inc. All trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.


PR Contact:

Michael Becce

MRB Public Relations

732-758-1100 x104