Why is an ‘i’ in Apple iOS, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iMac, iTunes, iShuffle, iCloud etc?

What the heck is this ‘i’ (lowercase) in Apple iOS (was known as iPhone OS before June of 2010), iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iMac, iTunes, iShuffle, iCloud, iBook, iMessage etc? But why NOT the Apple is an iApple or its eWorld is Not the iWorld?

Be its Amazon, Android tablet makers, Sony, Samsung, Motorola, RIM-Blackberry or so, everybody seems to challenging Apple’s iPad Tablet PC by creating their own branded digital tablet computers?! Is iPad an ultimate citadel? Or is it God’s own Tablet?

…. There is one thing common all to this that is Apple is UNMATCHED, beyond any competition and always moving like a King, why everybody targets Apple iPad, ultimately, perhaps its users knows the secret and know why do they prefer iPad over other digital tablet PCs, anyways, this is not my point of discussion,

Well, a query flashed in my dirty mind today that why Apple’s all gadgets started with a pre-fix ‘i’? Is acronym i has become a brand name or synonym for Apple products? Any clues, yes I got it first, I will crack this secret only if you share too this with yours on the web, social web and also subscribe/bookmark to this blog and come here to read it daily : ) Lol!

Actually according to the online encyclopedia, the Wikipedia:

"... Apple declared the 'i' in iMac to stand for "Internet"; it also represented the product's focus as a personal device ('i' for "individual") ..."

Thus the Apple rolled the prefix 'i' with its Mac as iMac (previous to iMac, an Apple service was known as eWorld and not the iWorld) , 'i' was ment for the internet (international network) like e-commerce or e-book, where the letter 'e' represents the 'electronic’ word, I also represents the things 'personal', we are living in the very prefixes and the virtual cyber space!

9th letter in English Alphabetical order the 'I' represents not only a single unique letter but at the same time it is a ONE LETTER 'WORD', which sense like 'my',

... though 'I' is always a 'word of proud' (not when used as a letter, but when used as a 'word') or represents 'ego' in the eyes of the philosophers or who knows about the life's secrets : )

'i' Combines Apple & Google, Strange, True but How?

'i' has the power to combine, and not only the Apple, many more corporations are widely using an i for their products / services like iGoogle, Nintendo DSi, Intel i5 Dual core etc ... thus i is a common factor which is prefixed in Apple' gadgets as a brand and also in a Google service: iGoogle : ) otherwise we know how the big tech corporations indulge many times in major legal tussles?

Why the Apple is a Peeled Apple and not an iApple?

Well, interesting question again hit my polluted mind : ( perhaps the Apple is NOT an iApple as it is a smart English language student who knows 'i' means Me and this never happens to be in lower case in English grammar, use of 'i' is always done in upper case 'I'?! For example, in the sentence: My father and 'i' went for a picnic, the lower case 'i' is incorrect and here the correct thing would be like 'i' in capitals: My father and 'I' went for a picnic.

May be Apple understand this (having an artificial intelligence?) and do not want to spoil its brand value or the brand name with incorrect grammar usage or like things? American English usage system seems to be more generous, quiet adaptable and has an open heart? and is including all the words and letters now a days from Phone to iPhone ... the list is long!

Strangely all the languages have a universal rule or rather a tendency, that the 'words' get reduced, chewed or shortened with the times as an ease of access or usage, but it seems this rule is being defied when we talk Tech things and the words get long like from Pad to iPad?!

Any language Pundit (linguist) will tell more about how the words are coined, die or change their shapes? : )


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