VOIP: Mobile Video Calling App for MSN (iOS)


Yes…you can make free video as well as voice calls to all your MSN friends! Interesting!

A free application called as Video Messenger allows the users to make the free mobile video as well as voice calls to all the MSN users. Cool!

The application is totally free and is compatible with Apple iOS (in iTunes) iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users.

How to make a free mobile video call?

To make a free video and voice calls, both the receiver as well as the sender should have the set up of this application.

Also you can make free calls on your mobile device too with the help of WiFi network!

Amazing application that can turn your iPod Touch into a WIFI phone as well as you can able to make free video calls too!

VOIP Video Communication App: Features:

• You are able to make video and voice calls to your MSN friends.
• You can do the chat too with emoticons!
• There are offline push notifications which won’t miss any important message of yours.
• Also you never miss any of your important calls made through this application.
• There are variety of Ring tones and awesome backgrounds embedded in this application.
• You can enjoy the free calls anywhere in the world, if both the end of the users has this application installed.
• Your friend can also receive your video message no matter if he is offline! Cool!

Download the application from Apple iTunes, it is totally free!

Enjoy an unlimited, free video and voice cell phone calls all over the globe!

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