VOIP Free Calls With No Phone Number To Twitter Friends

How to Make Free VOIP Calls, without a Phone Number, to your Twitter Friends?

Well, Microsoft has already partnered, the VOIP King: Skype, which has joined Facebook online social network to offrer its free video calls all over the world to Facebook friends,

But what if you need to place a voice (VOIP) phone call-s for free to your Twitter friends / handles or contacts, ooops, oh! I do not have the phone number of my Twitter pal, than how to make a call, from where to get his phone number?? Reverse search is not working for us, etc....

Do not worry, we have a trick to make free VOIP calls to your Twitter Handles (A user's "Twitter handle" is the username they have selected and the accompanying URL),

Make VOIP Unlimited Free Calls to Twitter followers with iOS app: OnSay

OnSay, a VOIP communication, essential, social networking, utility app for your iOS devices (available in iTunes Store for free download): Apple iPhone, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 4G.

Remember that this official hash tag #OnSay_EN is for your help to find the OnSay's friends!

Try making free VOIP conference from UAE / Gulf / VOIP calls blocked countries:

I will personally request readers' from UAE / GULF / VOIP calls blocked countries to try this app, may be you are able to make free calls from UAE, Gulf etc, if Viber is also blocked from there, pl report by making a comment below this post, thank you.


This free VOIP app (communication app) is ranked #2 in Japan right now. And is Top Free social networking app in Japan. The app works over WIFI and 3G networks.

So start making free IP calls to Twitter friends / contacts, even to them, of which you do not know the phone numbers and also take the phone calls.

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