VOIP Call App for Android & iOS; Works in UAE / Mid East / Gulf?

VBuzzer (for Middle East version) VOIP APP for Android and iOS Claims to work from (WIFI / 3G mobile networks) UAE, Middle East / Gulf etc, where VOIP is blocked, Test it Now ...

Hey…did you get a very large amount of bill on long distance or local calling? Or Your PC to phone calling system (Voice over internet protocol) is blocked in your country? If yes…then here is the perfect solution for your query!

Yes…VBuzzer Messenger is an ultimate VoIP solution just for you. It also provides for free internet fax to US, Canada!

VBuzzer VOIP social networking and communication essential and utility application is designed for Apple iOS (available in iTunes store): iPhone, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2 and iPod touch phones and for mobile Android devices and tablets (available in Android Market for free).

Well, VBuzzer is a free to cheap calling application for Android and Ios Tablets and smart phones. It is the perfect solution for the callers in the Middle East, UAE, Dubai, Gulf, where the calling system is either difficult or VOIP is blocked and even Viber VOIP app is blocked.

You are able to make calls either for free or just at a very low rates in/from the Middle East regions. It is really amazing!

Yeah…VoIP furnishes you with the crystal clear voice quality so that you are able to talk hassle free with your near and dear ones. Also it offers you with the cheapest international calling rates too! How cool!!

You are also able to keep the Vbuzzer running on the background so that you can make calls as when you want. The application also runs on iPhone3G, iPhone3GS, and iPhone4 and on iPad and iPod Touch too.

Another more interesting feature is that you are able to call Vbuzzer-to-Vbuzzer free! Yes…once you and your friend installed the application on your Android device, it allows you to make calls with your friend in free. Amazing!

Vbuzzer offer you with the cheapest international calling rates. You can directly call your friends over the globe directly from your phone book list.

Vbuzzer application is similar to that of Skype-In and Gtalk but it is also unique too as it provides the facility to receive phone calls from Canada and USA phone numbers. Oh, wonderful!
You could receive the phone calls on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch or over 3G and Wi-Fi too!

Enjoy unlimited calls with the help of this powerful VoIP application.

Stay connected with your near and dear ones universally!!

Free Test Phone Number: 1-416-883-9633

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