Virtual Kiss-Hug-Romance Live Video Stream App

virtual kiss and hug app
App to make virtual kiss and hug
Live Video Streaming Fun Application

Life can be a pleasant fun, when the romance blooms over the air, either this is with fiance, kids' or anybody you love!

I had Googled a live video streaming app for the readers' of Talkfree7, which schedules the face-to-face kiss, hugs or whatever you like virtually with actual people over the air using internet, live in real time : )

I am not exaggerating, try yourself, invite your love to this video stream site and chat, kiss, love or be angry, it is about streaming emotions over the air using world wide web.

...Oh do not forget to capture the moments of love or anger using this virtual photo booth.

Now do not brick-bat me : ( I am just the messenger and never shoot the messenger : )

Say it with Flowers! I love my global readers, Have a nice Sunday!!!


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