USB Disk App for Apple iOS

iOS is one of the recent and world’s most innovative mobile operating system platform that specifies what work can be done or how we could ploy it over the mobile and digital tablet devices.

Yeah…the iOS delivers several new multitasking features that allow your applications to perform different task on your mobile devices.

USB Disk is one such feature which allows you to store and view the documents on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

USB Disk is an essential utility app for iOS iGadgets

Yes…USB Disk is very simple to use and with simple and cool interface.

Do you ever wish to read or view your word documents or your PDF files on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch?

So, now with the help of USB Disk you can view as well as read all your documents. Cool! It has many powerful features which are ready to accomplish all your needs!

USB Disk allows you to drag and drop your files and permits you to view on your iPhone; iPad and iPod touch wherever you are over the globe. Interesting!

Are you got bored of scrolling your document from where you had stopped reading it? Don’t worry at all. USB Disk automatically regenerates the position from where you had stop reading the article. Oh, that’s great!

Also the transfer of the pictures on your iPhone and iPod are really very faster with the help of USB Disk.

Another great feature of USB Disk is that you can email the documents and also you can view all your mails and attachments on your iPhone device. Cool!

USB Disk allows you to scroll fast on the documents, view the documents in full screen mode, copy and paste the documents, create files and also email your documents.

Compatibility factor

It is compatible with all types of files such as the PDF files (Adobe), HTML, MS Office docs, iWork docs, e books, Audio and video, music files types as well as word document files and picture files too!

Enjoy the great features of the USB Disk application and have fun unlimited on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

A must have utility, essential application indeed, download it now FREE from Apple iTunes store!


How to use your Apple iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch as a USB memory stick?

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