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Digital Trend: Talking Photos, Who can Chat Sexy & Interact

Ever heard or dream of your girl friends’ / kids / parents’ photo, to which not you can use in your heart or wallet, but may chat as well, like an Avatar or in a slide show, as and when?!

... May be you want to hangout and share the talking photo app on your Facebook , Twitter and other online social networks with friends and close circles?!

Yes…a new interactive, innovative technology of adding a sexy voice to photos is evolved recently. Surprised?

Yeah…you can now add your voice to your photos and share them with your friends and family members. Interesting!

Well, the new application known as Fotobabble can now add your voice to any of your snapshots.

What is Fotobabble?

Fotobabble is just a simple photo application that uses the technology of adding the voice to your snapshots and shares them with your near and dear ones. You can also add different background colors and make the photos look cool and share them anywhere. Cool idea!

Yes…the Facebook application as well as the ios and iPhone application allows their users to add their voice on their/or any photos and share them.

Imagine a friend of yours narrating his/her trip experience using the talking photo application! It’s going to be a real fun, amusing experience to listen.

Yes…you can share your experiences with your friends and family members in a more natural way rather by sharing them in written words. It adds personalized experience in the sharing story. Oh, it’s really awesome!

You can also make use of this voice communication technology in interactive business deals which can add advantage in your business too.

Along with the power of photo you can easily communicate with the customers and interact with them. In this way you can increase your online business, create more customers and make more profit.

How to start with the Voice Photo App and tag your voice to the pictures or snap?

There are just few easy, simple steps to start with the amazing application. Just install the application, upload the desired photo, record your voice and here you are ready to share the photo with your near and dear ones or to your customers.

Advantages of the Fotobabble:

• It adds real life experience while sharing the photos.
• The small businesses have a good opportunity in describing their products in their own voice.
• It increases their customers using this talking photo application.
• You can add an audio of your baby or of your trip or whatever and can share it with anyone you want.

Alter your photos into lively, talking masterpieces and enjoy the real fun of life!

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