Streaming Video Games: Fire Your Consoles!

Cloud Gaming, What's it? Tell me More and How To?

I read a few interesting stories on online video gaming and tech industry, how it is evolving;

The video games too go social like any music or movie videos, you can play video games on demand; yeah it’s the beginning of the CLOUD GAMING or instant play / streaming of online games on your Apple iPad, TV, PC, Mac etc.

Cloud gaming (or Instant Gaming or Gaming on demand or broadband gaming) works as: the online games are synced and stored on the remotely hosted servers and are aired using the Internet.

The tech world is thrilled and of-course the world of gamer and players and kids and all who love digital games …

Gaming on Demand has come forward and has introduced a beta cloud gaming system, which is offering online games on demand which is supported by the luring freebies.

Onlive cloud social streaming video games offer some of the nicest titles in the industry, which any child would like to play with viz.: Batman, Dirt, Lord of Rings, Space Marine, Home Front etc.

Next Generation of 'Gaming Consoles' has arrived, it is about Cloud Gaming (and not the cloud computing)

Kick your handheld wireless gaming consoles now and be sure it is the very beginning of a new gaming addictive console which is cloud gaming, the social gaming or such a thing : ) Nintendo, Sony PSP, Ubisoft, and all prepare for the future, technology and gaming are a big and serious markets for you : )

'Netflix / Hulu' of Games have arrived, Taste the Thunder!

Play free demo games now on wireless broadband, or rent or buy a pack / bundle of the latest addictive online games.


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